Monday, September 28, 2015

Whew, it was a good week! - September 23, 2015

Hey, family!

Man, another crazy week. Sounds like you all are doing well!

Last Wednesday night, we went and saw Alessandro. After the lesson,
the A boys, Mattia and Nicola actually showed up at the Z's
house, and we got to talk to them all for a little bit, so that was
fun. They're all great kids.

Thursday, was my year mark in the mission! Weird! We saw Sorella
Nav. We also saw Sorella E, which we were super happy about
because she's been really busy and we haven't been able to see her for
awhile. She's super awesome, we're just really trying to help her get
to church. We also saw Michele, the new convert. He's seriously sooooo
awesome! He calls us all the time with questions about everything.
He's looking forward to general conference and brought it up to us and
asked us what time it'll be. He asked us about getting his records
moved to Livorno from Bologna so he can get a calling here. He's so
legit! Also, he's slowly getting in contact with missionaries all
throughout northern Italy.
We had little pieces of paper with sheep on them and we wrote on them a habit we want to sacrifice and then we sacrificed it by putting it through a paper shredder

Friday, we had. Zone training. It was good. Our zone's really small
now. That afternoon, we saw the Buz family and helped their
daughter with English. Sorella Buz gave us some pesto that was
seriously amazing! It was so good. We had two bidoni that night, so
that was a bummer. There was also an end of summer party that was
super fun. Members really enjoy force feeding us, so we were pretty
full. We also got a chance to meet one of the anziani's simps there.
He's super bravo but he works late and we can't really see him ever,
but we were super excited to finally meet him in person.

Saturday, we got to meet Oscar, another one of the anziani's simps. He
seems really good. He has a kid and he was super fussy, so we didn't
get to see him super long but we have another time set up to meet him
again, so speriamo bene. We saw the A family that night. They're
so fun. The kids are really sweet.

Nicola and Mattia

Sunday, a simp who's been coming to some ward activities finally came
to church, so we were super happy. He's kinda am interesting guy. He's
super Catholic and during sacrament, after one of the talks, he
started shouting out from the back row about how much he loved and
agreed with the talk. So we had to explain that we don't really do
that in our services.

Monday, we had district meeting. It was good. It's interesting being
in a district with three different cities being represented.n the
afternoon, we saw the man from English class who wanted to know more.
He's super legit! He had amazing questions and seems to really be
searching for the truth. We set up another appointment with him, we're
really excited for it! We had a bidone but ended up being able to see
Viviana for a few minutes. She said she wants to introduce us to her
friend who's not a member and we set up an appointment so we're super
happy about that. We also saw Gabriel again. He's awesome. He's been
reading. We taught some of the commandments. It's a good thing we had
Sorella Bus there because she is amazing at explaining things to
little kids. When we came out of the appointment, Sorella Harris' bike
had gone flat and we found a hole. So we had to walk them all the way
home. That was a bummer, it took us forever.

Yesterday, in the morning we had to go get Sorella Harris' bike fixed.
We had to take it pretty far to the place where they were bought so we
could try to get a deal getting it fixed. The guy said there was no
hole, so he just pumped it up and sent us on our way. After about 5
minutes, her tire was flat again so we had to bring it all the way
back and tell him there was in fact a hole and then he fixed it. We
got another bidone. Then we had English class. That was really good.
Sorella Harris showed her English class Because of Him, the Easter
video from the church from last year and they really liked it,
especially Sergio, the man we started teaching. Then we had FHE. It
was fun. Afterwards, we had to stay in the church for a few minutes
and Pino, the man who sent you guys a pic of Sorella Kras and I a few
months back, he was super worried to leave us alone in the church at
night and he made us come and lock ourselves in the church so that
we'd be safe. He's really sweet.

Today, we couldn't really go anywhere, a simp asked us if they could
meet us at four, so we're going to have to cut pday kinda short. The
rest of our week in seriously packed! (Knock on wood) so we're just
really hoping it all goes through because we love being busy! We find
out transfer news this next Saturday so that's pretty weird. It'll be
interesting to see if anziani get put back in

Whew, it was a good week! We got three new simps,which is super awesome here.

Hope you guys all have an amazing week! I love you all!
Love, Sorella Snow

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