Thursday, September 17, 2015

Totally had a miracle! - September 16, 2015

Ciao, tutti!

Wow, it seriously feels like I just barely wrote to you all! The
week's gone pretty fast for me.

Sorry, I realized that last week I forgot to answer some of your
questions, Dad, I'll do that now. The STLs in Prato are the only
sisters in the mission with a car and they're supposed to use it to do
exchanges. So, they both came down in it and stayed the night and then
both left the next day. Ummm, I think we have about 20 senior couples.
We don't have any in our district or zone, but if you do, you see them
a lot more often. We only see them for inspections or repairs. They
get different callings depending on where they are. There's an office
couple who takes care of permessos and money matters. There are some
family history couples who do work preserving records and stuff. Our
senior couple works with the young single adults. I think they do get
opportunities to teach though, they're all super awesome!
One more of Riomaggiore (in Cinque Terre) from last week with Sorella Pavich in the corner

Last Wednesday, we went and taught Alessandro again. That kid's so
cute! We also ate with the Zi family and we were soooo full
afterwards. They had a watermelon that was bigger than a small child
and Sorella Zi carved it up and gave me a slice bigger than my head
and I thought she was kidding. But she wasn't. We ate a lot.
I took I super close up shot of my comp the other day and when she
wasn't looking, I changed her background to this. She's pretending
she's not amused, she really laughed for like
5 minutes.

Thursday, we saw Mauro. He's a man that's been coming to church for
about 2 years now but he hasn't wanted to meet with the missionaries
but now he wants to be baptized. So now we're teaching him, it's kinda
difficult because we can't see him very often, but we're excited about
it! He still has a lot to learn, but the wards all really happy. That
night we also saw Gabriele. He's not reading the Book of Mormon right
now, he says he's too busy, but he's asked some questions about
receiving answers to prayers, and he says he wants to start reading
again. He also said a super awesome prayer.

Friday, we started weekly planning, always a long process. Then we saw
the B family and helped their daughter with English a little.
That was fun, they're a really awesome family. Then we saw Viviana.
She's been teaching a friend of hers a little bit about the gospel and
they've been reading the scriptures together, so she's just being an
awesome missionary. Then our plumber came and fixed the sink, meno
male. It's been awful, doing dishes had become an hour long affair
because more than half the water flew out the back of the faucet
through the crack instead of out of the head. So, we're super happy!

Saturday, saw Sorella Nav. She's awesome! She's seriously like our
Italian mother. That afternoon, we saw Sorella Nach. She's doing
really well. She said she'll come to church this Sunday, so we were
really happy. That night we saw the A family. They're so
amazing! We helped them out a little with English, mainly they just
want us to help them practice, and then they made us dinner. They're
from Naples, so they made us legit Napolatana pizza, sooo good! Plus,
Sorella A played Napolatano music while we ate it, so that was

Sunday, we had church and then a ward lunch! It was really good! A man
who we've talked to a few times on the street came, so that was cool.
We also had a missionary activity afterwards where we showed the
restoration, it went pretty well. Now that summer's over, things are
picking up a lot. The members are coming to more activities and
everything's getting back into the normal swing, so we're really happy
about that.

Monday, correlation with our ward mission leader. It was really good.
We were able to talk about a ton of the needs of the ward. Fratello
Z is a super pumped ward mission leader. Someone bidoned us and
then we saw Sorella Car. Her mom, who's not a member was there as
well, so we ended up having a lesson with both of them. Her moms a
really awesome lady. She's catholic and says she's too old to change,
but she loves talking with us. :) That night, we went and taught
Gabriel again. He's doing good. He's a super awesome kid. The two
little boys are always super adorable.

Tuesday, we were supposed to have lessons with Stella and Mauro,but
they both bidoned. We saw Azzurra and talked about patriarchal
blessings. She's super excited to be preparing to get hers. She's a
really amazing girl. That night we had English class and we totally
had a miracle! After Sorella Harris finished her class, one of her
students came up to her and said, I've been coming to English class
for three years, but now I've decided I want to know more about your
church. She said he was really timid about it, like apologizing and
saying, if that's okay with you guys. And she was just like, dude!
That's what we're here for! (Although I'm sure she actually said it in
respectful Italian :)) So we're super excited for that! We've been
really busy the last two weeks and it looks like we will be this week
again, and we totally love it! We then had FHE and it was super good!
I just love the members here so much now! Btw, Mom, I made your
chocolate chip cookies for everyone for FHE and they just LOVED them!
The recipe's a winner!
Ceiling at the duomo in Siena

Today, we went to Siena! We were kinda debating about whether we
should go or not because both Sorella Harris and I have already gone
to Siena. The duomo there has these beautiful engravings on the floor
and there are some that are so beautiful that they need to be
preserved and they only uncover them for about a month of the year, so
when we found out that we'd be together another transfer and that they
were uncovering the pavement in September, we decided we had to go. It
was sooo beautiful! Seriously, amazing. We had a really good time. We
also met some really nice members from Utah, they actually ended up
surprising us by buying our tickets to get into the duomo, they were
super sweet!

Anywho, it's been a good week! I love you all so much and I'm truly
grateful for everything you all do for me, you're the best! Have a
fantastic week!
Lots of love,
Sorella Snow

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