Saturday, September 12, 2015

Baby Shower & Exploding Shower Head - September 2, 2015

Hey, everyone!
Hope you've all had a good week! Sounds like you're kinda getting back
into the swing of things after summer break!

Wow, it's felt like a really long week! Last Tuesday night, we headed
up to Bologna to stay the night there for our conference. It was
really fun. We stayed with the Sorelle there, one of whom is Sorella
Yonk, from my group, so that was really fun. The Mestre sorelle (their
area is Venice!) stayed the night there also, so it was really fun
with 6 of us getting a chance to talk for a little.

We headed to Modena for the conference the next morning and I saw a
ton of people from my group, so that was really exciting! All of the
missionaries east and south of Modena came there for the conference.
The conference was really good! The speaker was Elder Kearon, and he's
from England, so in answer to the question, it was in English :) he
was really amazing. He was funny, supportive of us and he had an
amazing spirit with him.

Thursday, we saw Sorella Nav and we talked about the atonement. We
read in alma 7 verses 11-13, they are really strong. Then we saw
Azzura. Her boyfriend couldn't be there, he had a camp out with the
young men. Then we
did pass bys of ex simps to see if any of them are interested is
investigating again.

Friday, we helped Sorella di San Sebastiano set up for a baby shower
that the relief society was throwing the next day for two women in the
ward. It was kinda funny because she and another lady kept coming up
to us and asking us our opinions on what the baby shower should be
like because, in their word, we're Americans and would know better
than them. We saw Viviana and her mom that afternoon and it was really
good, Viviana said she wants to recommit herself to coming to church.
We also saw Sorella Nach that night.

Saturday, we did a whole lot of organizing and calls. We also had to
go start sorting through the anziani's apartment. They left it kinda a
mess because they didn't have any time to clean before leaving. We
also went to the baby shower. Some of the sisters asked us to come and
help translate because one of the mothers that's expecting is an
American from the military base near only speaks English. It was
really fun and really cute seeing all of these Italian ladies trying
so hard to throw a nice proper American baby shower!

Sunday, we had church! It was really good. A new convert named Jim
came. He's Filipino and doesn't speak Italian, so I finally got a
chance to try out my translating skills. It was kinda difficult
because I don't really need to translate in my head anymore, I just
think in Italian, so having to put it into English for him was
interesting, it was really good practice though! We got a bidone that
night, so that was a bummer. Oh! Also, this morning while Sorella
Harris was showering, our shower head kinda start falling
apart exploding on her. So that needed to be replaced as well. We told
our senior couple about it and they kinda teased us since our
apartment has been having so many problems and asked us if we're
playing jump rope with the shower head cord and swinging from the
chandeliers. ;)

Monday, we had district meeting in Pisa! We now have to go there since
we don't have elders here anymore. There were the Pisa sorelle and
anziani and the la Spezia anziani, so we have a district of eight. It
took us kinda all morning and until about 3 to get there, do the
meeting and get back and then we had a scambio with our STLs. They
asked us if we could all stay in Livorno this time and all work there,
so we tried to get as many appointments as we could but we still ended
up having plenty of time for finding. I was with Sorella Welch this
time. I did a scambio with her back in my second transfer in Bergamo
so that was really cool to work with her again. She and I saw Sorella
Car and also her mom. Her mom's not a member, so it'd be really
cool few could maybe meet her again some time. Then we saw the bishop's
son again.  We're really happy to have the chance to teach
him, he's a really good kid!

Tuesday, morning we saw Viviana again and we committed her to read and
try coming to church, so hopefully she'll come this next Sunday! We
did more finding and then we switched back and the STLs headed back to
Prato. We got another bidone and then had English class and family
home evening, which we're trying to restart now that it's September.
Today, we finished cleaning the anziani's apartment and then cleaned
ours for an inspection from our senior couple. They're super cool!
They also fixed our door knob that kept falling off, so that's super

Well, I think that's about it for this week! It's been crazy as usual
but things are starting to look up, we're staring to get in contact
with a lot of the anziani's simps and we're hoping it'll be a really
good transfer!
I love you guys! Thanks so much for the support and love every week!
Have a fantastic week!

Sorella Snow

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