Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pesca v. pesca - August 12, 2015

Hey family!

How's it going? Sounds like lots of fun at home. And wow, you're all
gonna have a ton of fun this next week with everyone coming! It's been
a good week here as well.

So, last Thursday, we saw Sorella Nav! She's seriously so awesome!
Whenever we go over, we just laugh the entire time, she's so funny.
That afternoon we saw Sorella San. She's the last relief society
president and we wanted to talk with her and kinda find out who were
some sisters in the ward who needed help. She's amazing! She's so
sweet and she has this gift of making everyone feel so good about

Friday, we did weekly planning, always long but helpful. Then we saw
Sorella Car. It was a good lesson with her.

Saturday, we did a lot of organizing today. We had to catch up on a lot of area book and fix
a lot of things in our apartment. Plus, all day we were hearing these
weird plane droning noises and we realized the next day that it was
this thing the cities do here where they have planes releasing colors
in the sky to make an Italian flag. So that was cool.

Sunday, we had church and it was good. We had a lot of people there
again. That night we saw the K family. They're a half American half
Italian family that live here. It was reaaally fun!
A beautiful church we found.  Go around the block here and you'll always find a different beautiful cathedral.

Monday, so, it was kinda raining on and off all day and Italians are a
little bit scared of weather in general. So the appointments we had
canceled on us and we couldn't really do much outside in the rain. It
cleared up a little and we were able to visit a previous simp, L. She's
not doing so great and she wanted to meet with us again and pray with
us. She's sweet. We met her in a park but after about 15 minutes it
started raining again, so we had to take off pretty quick.
Sorella Harris has this really bad quality floss she was using for a
month cause she didn't want to waste it, but it just wasn't running
out, so we finally pulled it all out and it was enough to wrap around
our apartment twice.

Yesterday, we had to replace Sorella Harris' brakes on her bike, I
always feel super accomplished when we fix something by ourselves.
Then we saw Azzura and Giacomo. They're fun. They taught us the
differences between pronouncing two words that are spelled exactly the
same. Both spelled pesca but one means fish and the other means peach,
so kinda important to not mess those up. Then we had English class and
as we were biking there, it started pouring again, so we got soaked.
We've ridden our bikes in heavy rain four times the last couple of
days, but we kinda loved it, it's a lot of fun.
My hair was rocking Pride and Prejudice ringlets  after being caught in the rain

My brakes were super worn down

Any who, that's our week! Today, we were supposed to stay in our
cities and clean our apartments for most of pday, so now our place
looks pretty nice, even if it's still kinda falling apart!
Have a great week guys, I love you all lots!
Love, Kim

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