Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Woohoo! McDonald's, Here We Come! - February 18, 2015

Buonasera, Tutti! So, because it's already after three here, everyone all says bounasera at this time! 

Okay, answers! Yeah, I received the letter from Melanie yesterday and the card from you (Mom) last Friday! Thanks so much! It was awesome getting them! My comp was jealous that I got a Valentine's card! Also, thanks for the emails, I was just about dying laughing at them, (thanks for the scripture Dad, I'll have to try that one out!!)

Anywho, this week has been pretty crazy also! Last P-day we just took it easy because we were both exhausted! We stayed in and watched church films and just had a lazy day. Then that night we went to a member's house who has a daughter who's a new convert. It was super fun, they're all really awesome and we could feel the spirit so strong in their home! 

Then Thursday, we had a few different appointments with members and another with M. She's doing really good! We also had English course, which is always fun because I get to sound all smart. Oh, also we realized that day that whenever someone who we have an appointment set up with calls us, we both freak out and have a mini heart attack because we're so scared they're going to cancel. Probably because we had so many lessons cancel last week. But, yeah, we just realized that we were both being a little ridiculous! 

Friday, we saw a new convert, named R, who we've been trying to see for the last 2 months but the timing's never worked out, so we were super excited to finally get over to her! Then we saw L and then we went and visited a sister who's in the hospital. The hospital she's in is outside of our area, so we had to get permission from president to visit it, but it was really good to see her again and check up a little on how she's doing. 

Saturday was... Valentine's Day! As I'm sure you're all already aware. It was fun. Italians take their saints and all of the holidays for saints very seriously, so there was a ton of partying here. We spent the morning cleaning the church and then a member who cleaned with us took us all out to lunch. It was pretty funny, because she was like, sorelle, let's go get some panini and we were like, yeah, we love sandwiches. So, she said, woohoo, Mcdonald's here we come. McDs is pretty classy here in Europe. That night we practiced singing with the anziani because we were singing in sacrament meeting again!

Sunday, we had church in the morning and then we went to our ward mission leader, Fratello L's home for lunch. That night, we had a lesson with a lady who had heard us speaking English on a bus and wanted us to come teach her daughter about the Bible in English. So, that was pretty interesting. We taught from the Bible but explained that we're not Catholic, so we teach from the BoM also. they made an appointment for us to come back next Sunday, so we'll see what happens!

Monday, we made a lot of calls and did pass bys. 

Tuesday, we had zone conference! It was pretty good! It's always fun to see the other missionaries and hear how they're doing and how their work is progressing. There's always some inspiring stuff in zone conference. This time they talked a little about patriarchal blessings, and I just loved it! It's true that our patriarchal blessings are so important and unique and special for us! Also, presidemt had some pretty big news he received during the conference. Elder Bednar, from the 12, is going to be visiting the Italy Milan Mission in April! He's going to have a big meeting with the missionaries here!! We are so EXCITED! I love him and all of his talks, most of the missionaries do, because we always feel like he's talking directly to us! It's going to be awesome! 

Today, we had to move p-day a little, because we had an appointment in the morning, so that's why I'm writing so late, hope I didn't scare you too much! We went to the Duomo today and I took Sorella Nedelkov and the Busto Sorelle to see the Bone Church that's nearby. It was pretty cool! 

Terrified at the Bone Chapel
I love being here and I love having the opportunity to share my testimony with the people here in Italia! Thanks so much for the letters and support! You all rock! I love you!

Love, Sorella Snow

VIENI, BROWNIES! - February 11, 2015

Ciao, Famiglia!

So, this was a pretty awesome week! But once again, super crazy! 
Last P-day, we went to the Duomo, once again, but this time we went and climbed the stairs to the top of it! It was so beautiful! Unfortunately, it wasn't a very clear day, so you can see all of Milano, but it's still pretty amazing, I took a million pictures! Also, we were there with the Muggio Sorelle, Carducci and Miller! It was good to see them again. We went down into the baptistry underneath the Duomo and also took a tour of the Duomo museum, so it was pretty intense.

We found the Hogwarts crest in the Duomo museum...

Plus, Hercules killing the lion! 
 Lots of pictures of the Duomo...

The "Pensive" shot

Sorelle Snow, Miller, Nedelkov and Carducci

Sorelle Carducci and Nedelkov looking up in awe...

Sorelle Snow & Miller sitting on the roof

 Boot shot!

Last Thursday, we had a lunch appointment with the M family and they invited two of their nonmember friends who invited us over for lunch on Saturday so we could try papas a la uankina! No idea how to spell that, but it's this Peruvian dish that everybody had been telling us was really good. We also did a little mini scambio with the Sorelle of Busto that night beacuase they were going to be in Milano for two days in a row for different meetings. It was fun! We saw Gaia and Giovanna. Oh also! It snowed A TON today. And it stuck.

Friday, we got a last minute call from the assistants that we would have to do another mini double scambio in Milano that day, because some of the sorelle coming for the meeting for stl's ans zl's that day had unexpected things come up. It's weird, but just go with it. Also, all of our appoinments fell through so we were all four of us trudging through the snow doings passbys instead. But thats okay! We had some really good experiences and it was amazing to see some other sorelle and be able to talk to people a little! 

Saturday, we had the lunch appointments with the M's friends, J and A. It was really awesome and they said they'd be interested in coming to FHE or something sometime! The only thing is they might be outside of our area so we might have to pass them. 

Sunday, we saw A F and she made us carbonara pasta. It was amazing. (We had lunch appointments 4 or 5 days in row this week) and later we saw H and her son D. They all have such beautiful testimonies and it was a pleasure to meet with them (haha, just realized I phrased that so weird because in Italian you also say It was a great pleasure when you see someone). 

Monday we saw L again! She's amazing and has so much faith. She invited her friend who doesn't speak English but has basic Italian who's from Sri Lanka, so maybe we'll try and meet with her again, but the language barrier will be a little hard! Then that night we saw the F family! They are such amazing people with beautiful testimonies.  

Tuesday, we had another lunch appointment(!) and then saw H, who's taking off for Peru next week for the next three months, so we were super happy to have a chance to see her before she left.
We also saw M. So whenever, we go over to M's she always feeds us. This time she brought plates of pasta and I could smell and see that there were little pieces of sea food in it, and I thought, Okay, no big deal, I've choked down fish before, ce la faccio! But then I saw Sorella Nedelkov's plates, and there were whole shrimps in it. I kid you not, there were antennas and legs and little faces on these disgusting little critters. So, my mind is going crazy, because I know I can't eat that, there was a whole shell for heaven's sake! But, M's about to come with us to FHE, so she wanted to go shower first. So, she's leaves the room and crazy thoughts are going through my mind. Should we just fish out the shrimp from the pasta and throw that away? Should we find some paper towels, stuff the food in them and then stuff it in our bags? Should we throw the entire plate off the balcony? Sorella Nedelkov hates sea food too, so we were at a loss, in the end rationality returned and we just told M that we were full right then and asked if we could bring it home.

Anywho, she still force fed us coca cola and then we went to FHE together. After the lesson, we ate a little (of course, we're in Italia) and M wanted to know the name of the anziano who had made brownies last week (Anz Helton). So, she asked Patricia, a member, who was the person who had made the little black cake dessert, and Patricia said, oh, you mean the brownies! And M thought his name was brownies so she just started shouting, VIENI, BROWNIES! Which means come here, brownies! We were dying of laughter. She's so funny! 

Wow, it's been a super crazy week. I love you all so much and am so thankful for your support! I love the pictures and letters! Have an amazing week! Love you! 

Love, Sorella Snow 


Cari Miei, 

So glad to hear it was an eventful happy week! I love hearing about how you're all doing! 

So questions really quick! Haha, I got a few cards! Aunt Emily sent one, I got one from Lauren, one from the Ward Relief Society, it was awesome! Mail is so fun! Sorry, I didn't send any pics last week! It was a pretty crazy one and I had to do apartment orders! We teach M in a combo of Spanish and Italian. I throw in any Spanish words I know and am learning most of the gospel words in Spanish for the lessons, the gift of tounges is real! I try and write in my journal every day, and if I miss a day, I go back and do it the next one, Never fear! I love looking back at the earlier entries and seeing how much I've already grown. Sorella Nedelkov and I get along pretty well! She's really nice and willing to work really hard, so we're always super busy. Things are going really well in the ward! Our entire district is in the ward,so there are four anziani with us. We meet with the ward mission leader every week but I've never met with the ward council. We want to get them to start inviting us though! The members are awesome, and we get referrals, but unfortunately, most of them don't work out super  (except M ;))I love what Elder Satati said! The ward council can be such an asset in missionary work. From a missionary perspective, the ward council is essential in friendshipping and in helping us get members to lessons, becasue you really can't do it without them, at least it's really hard. 

Also, I love the theme for the youth this year! Chapter 4 of D&C is kinda the unofficial mission scripture. We all memorize it in Italian. That verse is Perciò, O voi che vi imbarcate nel servizio di Dio, guardate di servirlo con tutto il cuore, facoltà, mente e forze per poter stare senza biasimo dinanzi a Dio all'ultimo giorno. It's a beautiful scripture! 

Also, I loved what Dad said about giving service to less active members to start fellowshipping them again, becasue, we've been seeing how much that helps! Usually, they just need a little love! 

Anywho, Our week! Last Wednesday, I took Sorella Nedelkov around some of the high points of Milano! We went to the Duomo, the Tiger (an amazing store with every little cool random thing you'd ever need), to get panzzerotti and gelato and we tried to find the bone chapel but I couldn't remember where it was. Oops. Then we saw a member family that night!

Thrusday, we attempted some pass bys but had to wander through construction and down random streets and hop some train tracks until we realized it wasn't going to work out. But we had English class that night and had a few other less actives lessons, so it was a good day!

Friday, We had another appointment with M, so we taught her the word of wisdom, but apparently, her member friend had already taught her most of it and had bought her orzo, the weird coffee substitute all of the members drink here, and she was already living it. So that was a nice surprise. She also said she wanted to fast for this fast Sunday and even wanted to pay fast offering (which she did, the bishop was a little confused). Basically, she's just doig amazing and progressing very fast! We asked her to pray about a baptisimal date that feels right for her, so we'll ask her next Friday what answer she recieved. Friday night, we had a scambio with our Sister Training Leader, Sorella Woods, she came here to Milano with me. It was cool, she's a really awesome Sorella. She's going home at the end of this transfer. (apparently it's impossible for me to not be with dying Sorelle :)) 

Saturday, we had lunch with a less active family and then went to a baptism that the Busto anziani were holding (that's Anziano Hubbard from the MTC) It was beautiful! 

Sunday, we had a presentation in our ward about missionary work. We (us and the anziani) were in charge of it, but we didn't know that until Friday night. But it turned out really good and we hope it will help motivate the ward to help us out with friendshipping and referrals! 

Monday ended up being a super crazy day! We had to renew our metro and bus passes, but we needed to pay in cash for it. So we were running around the city trying to find an atm that would work, but none of them would accept our cards. We finally got it though, but as soon as we got on our bus and it started moving, an older lady fell and seriously hurt herself in the back, so we were all shouting Ferma! Ferma! at the bus driver until he finally stopped and we could help out this lady. She ended up having to go to the hospital but she didn't have a cell phone, or any family members. She had a neighbor that she said could help her. So, Sorella Nedelkov and I embarked on an adventure to track down this lady, without a map becasue we'd forgotten it. We had a ton of people help us out on the way. We finally got to the address to find out that part of it was wrong, but so many small miracles were there helping us, so we found this neighbor and were able to relay the message and help out this lady who'd been hurt. It was just amazing to see how God put us in her path because we could help her. We were super happy to give some service.! 

Anywho, yesterday we had FHE and a few other appointments! It's been a crazy and long week!
Sorella Nedelkov had a birthday this week

Our fridge is bursting with food half the time! 
Well, that's it for the week! I love you all so much and I'm so happy to be serving here! Have a great week! 
Love, Sorella Snow
 PS. The title of the email is because I noticed this week that whenever we're doing pass bys of less active members that the ward hasn't seen in a long time and nobody knows who they are, I always sing that song on the way there. I'm such a dork!

Here are some random picture Kim sent this week from January:


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Loving the work - January 28, 2015

Hey, family! 

So, really quick answers! Yeah, I was kinda in charge when I was with Sorella Carducci, she's still learning the language and I had the experience with the city. I was kinda leading the lessons. I feel the Italian really started to come in the last few weeks. I'm not so overwhelmed and I can understand most everything, I'm just still working on random vocab. I can carry on a full gospel conversation but ordering pizza is a little difficult. But, I defintely know enough to get by. Sorella Nedelkov is cool. She's from Utah and she's been out here in the field for 7 months, so only two transfers before me. She already speaks the language really well, so that's a relief! It helps me to learn a lot better.

So, last Thursday, I had to kill Sorella Carter :(. It was super sad, but, as we always say, there is life after death! I'll see her again! Then I was with Sorella Salmond for a day here in Lampugnano. Our new comps were stuck in Verona doing Permesso stuff, so we were together for a day. She had this potential simp that she had met and who had by chance met a few other coppie of missionaries, so we went and met her during that day. It was cool. Hopefully we'll be able to see her again. 

Friday, we went and had a few lessons. We saw a less active family, a less active single lady, and M! M has been saying lately that she really has the desire to be baptized and that she knows she has to do it! Her son is coming soon, but M wants to wait until June to be baptized. We want to show her how important it is to do it as soon as possible so that she can have the Holy Ghost with her always. We're meeting with her on Friday. We're super excited! Also, that day we went to the station and picked up our new comps! I got to see Sorella Rincon, who's from my MTC group, so that was pretty cool. Then Sorella Nedelkov and I ran to an appointment. It was a pretty hectic day.

We saw L on Saturday (it was her birthday!) and had a really good appointment with her! She's so sweet and has the most amazing testimony. 

Tuesday we  saw M again, which was awesome. We explained the Plan of Salvation and she loved it. We used the little analogy of the sun, moon and star, and she thought it was the smartest thing ever. It was pretty cool. She said she wants to go the celestial kingdom. She just has so much faith. She accepts everything we've taught so far. She's a really amazing woman! We also had FHE on Tuesday and we played missionary tag. It was super fun! 

I'm super excited to start another transfer here in this awsome city that I love. I'm loving the work and I love learning how to see little miracles every day. 

It's been awesome hearing from you this week! Thanks for the talk excerts, Mom and Dad, they were really nice :)

I hope that you all have a spectacular week! I love you!
Love, Sorella Snow