Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ruining my streak - August 19, 2015

Hey family!

Sounds like y'all had an awesome week! It's been crazy here as usual!

Last Thursday, we saw Sorella Car and Sorella Nac. They were
good lessons. We spent the rest of the day out trying to find people.
We found salsa!  We were so happy!

Friday, we saw Viviana. She needed to go to the doctor and we walked
with her and shared a lesson along the way. She's really sweet and
really loves the missionaries. She also said she wants to make us some
Peruvian food, so we're pretty happy about that :). That night we
tried doing more pass bys, but no one was home, a lot of people have
already taken off for Ferragosto.

Saturday, we saw Sorella Nav! She's honestly amazing, we always go
over, but I promise she ends up teaching us a lot more than we do her.
Side fact, we're getting really good at killing bugs. They have what
they call tiger mosquitos here and they eat ya alive, so we're getting
really good at swatting at them, even when they're in the air. So
during our lesson with her, one landed, and not even thinking, I
smooshed it and Sorella Nav starting teasing me and calling me an
assassin. She's cute. We also got transfer calls that day. I'm staying
here in Livorno with Sorella Harris! It's kinda bizarre to be staying
with the same person and I'm teasing her now about ruining my new comp
every transfer streak.

Sunday, a storm came up really suddenly on the way to church and we
and the anziani got soaked. We all walked in dripping wet with puddles
at our feet. It was funny, the second counselor teased us all over the
pulpit. Sunday night we did a lot more finding.

Monday, we had district meeting and then, you can probably guess it, a
lot more finding, today we decided to try casa where we go knocking
doors down a street. Here every single building's an apartment
building and only well off people who live out in the country live in
single stand alone houses. So going down the street, there's maybe 15
or so apartment buildings (a palazzo) on each side of the street and
each house up to 10 apartments and we stand outside and ring the
intercom for each one. So we don't get doors slammed in our face, but
we do get clicks when people hang up on us, or they'll lean out their
window and shout at us. But, today, someone actually opened their
door! They didn't let us inside, but we talked on the doorstep for a
few minutes. It was a teenage girl, she was really sweet and said we
could come back some time when her family is there. That was the first
time I ever got someone to open the door doing that, so that was
really exciting!

Yesterday, We saw Sorella Car again, had correlation with our ward
mission leader and had English course. We also got some pretty crazy
news. The anziani got a call last night, and president has last minute
decided to take the anziani out of Livorno. Anziano Valencia is going
home anyways, but Anziano Guertler was supposed to stay and a new
anziano was going to come. Now they're both being moved to Pavia. So
they've had less than 24 hours to get everything packed up, empty and
clean their apartment and give us info about their simps and stuff.
For at least the next transfer, Sorella Harris and I will be the only
missionaries in Livorno. So, we're kinda stressing a little about
that. We know we can handle it but the next week or so might be a
little hectic!

Today, we took it pretty chill, organized a few things, biked around
Livorno a little. We have a conference coming up next week and the
tickets to get there are going to be kinda expensive, and Sorella
Harris is running kinda low on money, so we kinda need to preserve
money and not go anywhere the next couple of weeks.

It's been a good week. We're excited for the next transfer, we're for
sure going to be super busy but we're ready for it. Thanks for the
love and support guys! You are all the best! Have an amazing week! I
love you all!
Love, Sorella Snow

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