Saturday, September 12, 2015

Never underestimate the power of brownies to win over people's affection! - September 12, 2015

Ciao, Famiglia!

Wow, this has been another super long super crazy week! Sorella Harris
and I are working really hard and we're seeing a lot of people.

Last Wednesday, we saw the Z family. We were teaching their 7year
old son Alessandro the lessons a couple of months ago but over the
summer they were super busy and unable to, so we restarted. It was
great! He's a really good kid and he's really excited to be baptized.

Thursday, we had like 5 lessons planned and we were super excited. Two
of them ended up canceling, but it was still a really good day. We saw
Sorelle Nav. She's doing well. She promised us that she's going to
make us try cinque e cinque(pronunciation runs together, you can't
really hear the e in the middle). She knows the best place, so she
said if we ever get a call from her, we need to cancel all our
appointments and come running to try it. She's funny. We also saw
Michele, he just got baptized at Bologna and moved back to Livorno. He
brought a nonmember friend with him, so he's basically already an
amazing member missionary! That night we also saw the P family.
They're awesome. They made us this huge meal in "apology" for not
having us over for so long. Her mother has just moved in with them and
had made the meal, so she was just smiling the entire time and saying
to her family, look, look, how much they like my food! She was cute.
The family's doing well, Massimo is so bravo and Monica is really

Friday, we saw Gabriele. He's a simp of the anziani. He's an English
class student but he's started actually investigating and reading the
Book of Mormon. He likes to do the lessons in English, so that's
weird/fun. He was super excited to find out he'd get to meet with the
sorelle because he has millions of questions and said that he's only
ever talked to the anziani, that he needs the other point of view. He
was asking such deep questions.

Saturday, Sorella Nav called us up and told us to come running to
try cinque e cinque, and we did. It was soooo good. A Livorno
specialty. That night we saw the Ani family. They're members
who've asked us to come speak English with them a little bit each week
to help them learn. They're really amazing!
Last week we went down to the sea on a super windy night. Seriously
felt like we were in a wind tunnel, our hair was kinda crazy!

Sunday, we had Michele show up and also another sister who we've been
trying to get in contact with for months was there, so that was super
exciting, a huge miracle! Also, a man who's been coming to church for
ages but hasn't wanted to meet with the missionaries told the bishop
he wants to be baptized. The bishop asked us to meet with him and
kinda give him the lessons, make sure he understands the commitment
before he makes it. Hopefully, that'll work out, that would be really

Monday, we had district meeting. Going to the Pisa chapel is kinda
rough, so we're grateful it's only going to be for transfer. We have
to take off before we can finish our studies( at like 9:40) and then
we don't get home from it until after three, just because the train
times don't work out well and we also have to take a bus or switch
trains, kinda annoying. Oh well. We saw Azzurra today and she's just
so amazing! She asked us if we can do a lesson on patriarchal
blessings next week, she wants to get hers soon. That night we saw
Gabriel again. He's a really cool kid! He started reading the Book of
Mormon this week. Although, it's kinda intimidating to be teaching in
front of the bishop!

Tuesday, we finally saw Stella again! It's been waaaay too long! She's
amazing. She's been really busy with work lately but she said she'd
try and come this Sunday. We also had English course (which was
awesome! There were like upwards of thirty people this week!) and then
FHE. That was fun, there were a few families. We also made brownies
for everyone. Never underestimate the power of brownies to win over
people's affection!

Well, that was the week! We have a lot of lessons planned for next few
days, so hopefully they'll all go through! We're loving being busy and
I seriously love Livorno so much!

Today, we went to Cinque Terre. Sorella Harris has been wanting to go
there pretty much since the first day she got here, so we were finally
able to do it! It was pretty beautiful! We saw three of the five
cities. We also met up with the Pisa Sorelle at one of them. It was
really fun!
Beautiful Cinque Terre

Sorelle Pavich, Harris and Snow

Sorelle Smith and Snow

I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic week! I love you all so
much! Siete delle persone bravissime!
Love, Sorella Snow

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