Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm going to Ravenna! - September 30, 2015

Ciao, Famiglia Mia!

Wow, another long insane week!
I imagine you're wondering what transfer news is so I won't keep you
in suspense any longer... I'm leaving. It's sad, but I know it's my
time to move on. I'm going to Ravenna! It's a city on the other coast
of Italy, so that's fun, that I'm going to another coast city. I'll be
with Sorella Burgess. I don't know if you guys remember her but I
stayed with her for a week in her area at the beginning of my mission,
when I had to wait for my second trainer to come. So that's kinda
cool, I'm excited to serve with her again.

Okay, so answer to the question. I feel like I basically understand
most things now pretty easily. The hardest part is vocab, just knowing
all the random words people bring up, so I'm trying to work on that.
But yeah, I understand pretty well now, meno male!

Anywho, the week! Wednesday night, we saw the I... family. She's a
member and he's not but he comes every week. They're super awesome! We
had a really good lesson about how we're all beloved children of God.

Thursday, we saw Sorella Nav.... She's sweet. We saw Michele again
and we taught about eternal families, kinda an awkward topic with a 19
year old dude, but he's so bravo, so it was awesome! That night we saw
the Zer... family. They're really sweet and treat us kinda like we're
their American daughters.

Friday, we saw the Buz... family. We saw Gabriele that night. He's
really great, always has insane questions though. In the mtc, we asked
the teachers,what'll we do if anyone ever asks us about Kolob or other
deep doctrine and they said, you'll never need to know that, don't
worry. Well, Gabriele asks those questions.  We also saw the
Pet... family that night, they're really sweet. They always say they
need to feed us because they don't trust others to take care of us.

Saturday, we got a few bidoni so that was sad, but it happens. We got
transfer news that day and we also found out that anziani will be
coming back to Livorno next transfer. It's good because it's hard for
us to teach some of the men but it's also sad because we've serious,y
loved working with some of these men. We also saw the Ani... family,
they're amazing! Pino and his wife Elisabetta were there too, so it
was way fun.

Sunday, Alessandro, the kid we were helping get ready for baptism, was
supposed to have his baptism today, but he ended up being sick so he
couldn't. We were really sad, I really had wanted to see him do it
before I left. It's okay though, he'll do it in two weeks. We did a
lot of organizing of the area book to get ready for anziani coming
back and I started packing.

Monday, our last district meeting in Pisa! Afterwards we saw Sergio
again. He's seriously AMAZING! We did the plan of salvation and he had
awesome questions and was super happy to hear he'll get to see his
wife again one day. We saw Sorella Car... and her mom. Her mom made me
promise I'll come back and bring her a magnet from America. Italians
really love fridge magnets. We also saw the Bus... family. Gabriel's
doing amazing, he's so excited to be doing the lessons and he's a
great kid. Afterwards, Sorella Harris' bike had a punctured tire
again. It was the same time and the same spot exactly a week apart.
Kinda frustrating cause we're busy. So we walked home pushing the

Tuesday morning, we left to get the bike fixed and found that one of
my tires had a hole too. So we had to get them both fixed. We saw
Sorella Nav... and she took us out for lunch to say goodbye to me,
she's amazing, she has a huge heart. We saw Mauro today and Viviana
came with us. She was a a amazing member to bring, she had such good
input and really brought the spirit. We saw Sorella Nac... just for a
minute to say goodbye. She's doing well. We had English and FHE, I was
sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I'm really happy to have met them

Today, so we had A TON to do today and still have a ton to do. When we
left our apartment this morning, Sorella Harris' other tire had a
flat... So we pumped it up, hoping it was just flat and not a hole,
but there was a hole but it leaked slowly enough, we didn't realize
until wed already got kinda far. So that was rough, we had to take
care of that. We had to put the anziani's apartment in order for them,
we came to the church and did a little bit of email for twenty minutes
then had another appointment with Sergio. He's awesome! He just gets
it. Now, we have to finish up and then go see Azzurra and then the
Zerbi family one last time. Man, having to say goodbye to six months
worth of people in less than a week is hard!

It's been a crazy but really good week! I'm really happy for the time
I've been here and the opportunity to work with Sorella Harris, she's
truly amazing.

Sorry if this has been kinda abrupt, we have to kinda rush today
because there's so much to do and the flat tire set us back so much.

Thanks for the emails guys! You really are all the best! I love you
all so much!
Love, Sorella Snow

Monday, September 28, 2015

Whew, it was a good week! - September 23, 2015

Hey, family!

Man, another crazy week. Sounds like you all are doing well!

Last Wednesday night, we went and saw Alessandro. After the lesson,
the A boys, Mattia and Nicola actually showed up at the Z's
house, and we got to talk to them all for a little bit, so that was
fun. They're all great kids.

Thursday, was my year mark in the mission! Weird! We saw Sorella
Nav. We also saw Sorella E, which we were super happy about
because she's been really busy and we haven't been able to see her for
awhile. She's super awesome, we're just really trying to help her get
to church. We also saw Michele, the new convert. He's seriously sooooo
awesome! He calls us all the time with questions about everything.
He's looking forward to general conference and brought it up to us and
asked us what time it'll be. He asked us about getting his records
moved to Livorno from Bologna so he can get a calling here. He's so
legit! Also, he's slowly getting in contact with missionaries all
throughout northern Italy.
We had little pieces of paper with sheep on them and we wrote on them a habit we want to sacrifice and then we sacrificed it by putting it through a paper shredder

Friday, we had. Zone training. It was good. Our zone's really small
now. That afternoon, we saw the Buz family and helped their
daughter with English. Sorella Buz gave us some pesto that was
seriously amazing! It was so good. We had two bidoni that night, so
that was a bummer. There was also an end of summer party that was
super fun. Members really enjoy force feeding us, so we were pretty
full. We also got a chance to meet one of the anziani's simps there.
He's super bravo but he works late and we can't really see him ever,
but we were super excited to finally meet him in person.

Saturday, we got to meet Oscar, another one of the anziani's simps. He
seems really good. He has a kid and he was super fussy, so we didn't
get to see him super long but we have another time set up to meet him
again, so speriamo bene. We saw the A family that night. They're
so fun. The kids are really sweet.

Nicola and Mattia

Sunday, a simp who's been coming to some ward activities finally came
to church, so we were super happy. He's kinda am interesting guy. He's
super Catholic and during sacrament, after one of the talks, he
started shouting out from the back row about how much he loved and
agreed with the talk. So we had to explain that we don't really do
that in our services.

Monday, we had district meeting. It was good. It's interesting being
in a district with three different cities being represented.n the
afternoon, we saw the man from English class who wanted to know more.
He's super legit! He had amazing questions and seems to really be
searching for the truth. We set up another appointment with him, we're
really excited for it! We had a bidone but ended up being able to see
Viviana for a few minutes. She said she wants to introduce us to her
friend who's not a member and we set up an appointment so we're super
happy about that. We also saw Gabriel again. He's awesome. He's been
reading. We taught some of the commandments. It's a good thing we had
Sorella Bus there because she is amazing at explaining things to
little kids. When we came out of the appointment, Sorella Harris' bike
had gone flat and we found a hole. So we had to walk them all the way
home. That was a bummer, it took us forever.

Yesterday, in the morning we had to go get Sorella Harris' bike fixed.
We had to take it pretty far to the place where they were bought so we
could try to get a deal getting it fixed. The guy said there was no
hole, so he just pumped it up and sent us on our way. After about 5
minutes, her tire was flat again so we had to bring it all the way
back and tell him there was in fact a hole and then he fixed it. We
got another bidone. Then we had English class. That was really good.
Sorella Harris showed her English class Because of Him, the Easter
video from the church from last year and they really liked it,
especially Sergio, the man we started teaching. Then we had FHE. It
was fun. Afterwards, we had to stay in the church for a few minutes
and Pino, the man who sent you guys a pic of Sorella Kras and I a few
months back, he was super worried to leave us alone in the church at
night and he made us come and lock ourselves in the church so that
we'd be safe. He's really sweet.

Today, we couldn't really go anywhere, a simp asked us if they could
meet us at four, so we're going to have to cut pday kinda short. The
rest of our week in seriously packed! (Knock on wood) so we're just
really hoping it all goes through because we love being busy! We find
out transfer news this next Saturday so that's pretty weird. It'll be
interesting to see if anziani get put back in

Whew, it was a good week! We got three new simps,which is super awesome here.

Hope you guys all have an amazing week! I love you all!
Love, Sorella Snow

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Totally had a miracle! - September 16, 2015

Ciao, tutti!

Wow, it seriously feels like I just barely wrote to you all! The
week's gone pretty fast for me.

Sorry, I realized that last week I forgot to answer some of your
questions, Dad, I'll do that now. The STLs in Prato are the only
sisters in the mission with a car and they're supposed to use it to do
exchanges. So, they both came down in it and stayed the night and then
both left the next day. Ummm, I think we have about 20 senior couples.
We don't have any in our district or zone, but if you do, you see them
a lot more often. We only see them for inspections or repairs. They
get different callings depending on where they are. There's an office
couple who takes care of permessos and money matters. There are some
family history couples who do work preserving records and stuff. Our
senior couple works with the young single adults. I think they do get
opportunities to teach though, they're all super awesome!
One more of Riomaggiore (in Cinque Terre) from last week with Sorella Pavich in the corner

Last Wednesday, we went and taught Alessandro again. That kid's so
cute! We also ate with the Zi family and we were soooo full
afterwards. They had a watermelon that was bigger than a small child
and Sorella Zi carved it up and gave me a slice bigger than my head
and I thought she was kidding. But she wasn't. We ate a lot.
I took I super close up shot of my comp the other day and when she
wasn't looking, I changed her background to this. She's pretending
she's not amused, she really laughed for like
5 minutes.

Thursday, we saw Mauro. He's a man that's been coming to church for
about 2 years now but he hasn't wanted to meet with the missionaries
but now he wants to be baptized. So now we're teaching him, it's kinda
difficult because we can't see him very often, but we're excited about
it! He still has a lot to learn, but the wards all really happy. That
night we also saw Gabriele. He's not reading the Book of Mormon right
now, he says he's too busy, but he's asked some questions about
receiving answers to prayers, and he says he wants to start reading
again. He also said a super awesome prayer.

Friday, we started weekly planning, always a long process. Then we saw
the B family and helped their daughter with English a little.
That was fun, they're a really awesome family. Then we saw Viviana.
She's been teaching a friend of hers a little bit about the gospel and
they've been reading the scriptures together, so she's just being an
awesome missionary. Then our plumber came and fixed the sink, meno
male. It's been awful, doing dishes had become an hour long affair
because more than half the water flew out the back of the faucet
through the crack instead of out of the head. So, we're super happy!

Saturday, saw Sorella Nav. She's awesome! She's seriously like our
Italian mother. That afternoon, we saw Sorella Nach. She's doing
really well. She said she'll come to church this Sunday, so we were
really happy. That night we saw the A family. They're so
amazing! We helped them out a little with English, mainly they just
want us to help them practice, and then they made us dinner. They're
from Naples, so they made us legit Napolatana pizza, sooo good! Plus,
Sorella A played Napolatano music while we ate it, so that was

Sunday, we had church and then a ward lunch! It was really good! A man
who we've talked to a few times on the street came, so that was cool.
We also had a missionary activity afterwards where we showed the
restoration, it went pretty well. Now that summer's over, things are
picking up a lot. The members are coming to more activities and
everything's getting back into the normal swing, so we're really happy
about that.

Monday, correlation with our ward mission leader. It was really good.
We were able to talk about a ton of the needs of the ward. Fratello
Z is a super pumped ward mission leader. Someone bidoned us and
then we saw Sorella Car. Her mom, who's not a member was there as
well, so we ended up having a lesson with both of them. Her moms a
really awesome lady. She's catholic and says she's too old to change,
but she loves talking with us. :) That night, we went and taught
Gabriel again. He's doing good. He's a super awesome kid. The two
little boys are always super adorable.

Tuesday, we were supposed to have lessons with Stella and Mauro,but
they both bidoned. We saw Azzurra and talked about patriarchal
blessings. She's super excited to be preparing to get hers. She's a
really amazing girl. That night we had English class and we totally
had a miracle! After Sorella Harris finished her class, one of her
students came up to her and said, I've been coming to English class
for three years, but now I've decided I want to know more about your
church. She said he was really timid about it, like apologizing and
saying, if that's okay with you guys. And she was just like, dude!
That's what we're here for! (Although I'm sure she actually said it in
respectful Italian :)) So we're super excited for that! We've been
really busy the last two weeks and it looks like we will be this week
again, and we totally love it! We then had FHE and it was super good!
I just love the members here so much now! Btw, Mom, I made your
chocolate chip cookies for everyone for FHE and they just LOVED them!
The recipe's a winner!
Ceiling at the duomo in Siena

Today, we went to Siena! We were kinda debating about whether we
should go or not because both Sorella Harris and I have already gone
to Siena. The duomo there has these beautiful engravings on the floor
and there are some that are so beautiful that they need to be
preserved and they only uncover them for about a month of the year, so
when we found out that we'd be together another transfer and that they
were uncovering the pavement in September, we decided we had to go. It
was sooo beautiful! Seriously, amazing. We had a really good time. We
also met some really nice members from Utah, they actually ended up
surprising us by buying our tickets to get into the duomo, they were
super sweet!

Anywho, it's been a good week! I love you all so much and I'm truly
grateful for everything you all do for me, you're the best! Have a
fantastic week!
Lots of love,
Sorella Snow

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Never underestimate the power of brownies to win over people's affection! - September 12, 2015

Ciao, Famiglia!

Wow, this has been another super long super crazy week! Sorella Harris
and I are working really hard and we're seeing a lot of people.

Last Wednesday, we saw the Z family. We were teaching their 7year
old son Alessandro the lessons a couple of months ago but over the
summer they were super busy and unable to, so we restarted. It was
great! He's a really good kid and he's really excited to be baptized.

Thursday, we had like 5 lessons planned and we were super excited. Two
of them ended up canceling, but it was still a really good day. We saw
Sorelle Nav. She's doing well. She promised us that she's going to
make us try cinque e cinque(pronunciation runs together, you can't
really hear the e in the middle). She knows the best place, so she
said if we ever get a call from her, we need to cancel all our
appointments and come running to try it. She's funny. We also saw
Michele, he just got baptized at Bologna and moved back to Livorno. He
brought a nonmember friend with him, so he's basically already an
amazing member missionary! That night we also saw the P family.
They're awesome. They made us this huge meal in "apology" for not
having us over for so long. Her mother has just moved in with them and
had made the meal, so she was just smiling the entire time and saying
to her family, look, look, how much they like my food! She was cute.
The family's doing well, Massimo is so bravo and Monica is really

Friday, we saw Gabriele. He's a simp of the anziani. He's an English
class student but he's started actually investigating and reading the
Book of Mormon. He likes to do the lessons in English, so that's
weird/fun. He was super excited to find out he'd get to meet with the
sorelle because he has millions of questions and said that he's only
ever talked to the anziani, that he needs the other point of view. He
was asking such deep questions.

Saturday, Sorella Nav called us up and told us to come running to
try cinque e cinque, and we did. It was soooo good. A Livorno
specialty. That night we saw the Ani family. They're members
who've asked us to come speak English with them a little bit each week
to help them learn. They're really amazing!
Last week we went down to the sea on a super windy night. Seriously
felt like we were in a wind tunnel, our hair was kinda crazy!

Sunday, we had Michele show up and also another sister who we've been
trying to get in contact with for months was there, so that was super
exciting, a huge miracle! Also, a man who's been coming to church for
ages but hasn't wanted to meet with the missionaries told the bishop
he wants to be baptized. The bishop asked us to meet with him and
kinda give him the lessons, make sure he understands the commitment
before he makes it. Hopefully, that'll work out, that would be really

Monday, we had district meeting. Going to the Pisa chapel is kinda
rough, so we're grateful it's only going to be for transfer. We have
to take off before we can finish our studies( at like 9:40) and then
we don't get home from it until after three, just because the train
times don't work out well and we also have to take a bus or switch
trains, kinda annoying. Oh well. We saw Azzurra today and she's just
so amazing! She asked us if we can do a lesson on patriarchal
blessings next week, she wants to get hers soon. That night we saw
Gabriel again. He's a really cool kid! He started reading the Book of
Mormon this week. Although, it's kinda intimidating to be teaching in
front of the bishop!

Tuesday, we finally saw Stella again! It's been waaaay too long! She's
amazing. She's been really busy with work lately but she said she'd
try and come this Sunday. We also had English course (which was
awesome! There were like upwards of thirty people this week!) and then
FHE. That was fun, there were a few families. We also made brownies
for everyone. Never underestimate the power of brownies to win over
people's affection!

Well, that was the week! We have a lot of lessons planned for next few
days, so hopefully they'll all go through! We're loving being busy and
I seriously love Livorno so much!

Today, we went to Cinque Terre. Sorella Harris has been wanting to go
there pretty much since the first day she got here, so we were finally
able to do it! It was pretty beautiful! We saw three of the five
cities. We also met up with the Pisa Sorelle at one of them. It was
really fun!
Beautiful Cinque Terre

Sorelle Pavich, Harris and Snow

Sorelle Smith and Snow

I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic week! I love you all so
much! Siete delle persone bravissime!
Love, Sorella Snow

Baby Shower & Exploding Shower Head - September 2, 2015

Hey, everyone!
Hope you've all had a good week! Sounds like you're kinda getting back
into the swing of things after summer break!

Wow, it's felt like a really long week! Last Tuesday night, we headed
up to Bologna to stay the night there for our conference. It was
really fun. We stayed with the Sorelle there, one of whom is Sorella
Yonk, from my group, so that was really fun. The Mestre sorelle (their
area is Venice!) stayed the night there also, so it was really fun
with 6 of us getting a chance to talk for a little.

We headed to Modena for the conference the next morning and I saw a
ton of people from my group, so that was really exciting! All of the
missionaries east and south of Modena came there for the conference.
The conference was really good! The speaker was Elder Kearon, and he's
from England, so in answer to the question, it was in English :) he
was really amazing. He was funny, supportive of us and he had an
amazing spirit with him.

Thursday, we saw Sorella Nav and we talked about the atonement. We
read in alma 7 verses 11-13, they are really strong. Then we saw
Azzura. Her boyfriend couldn't be there, he had a camp out with the
young men. Then we
did pass bys of ex simps to see if any of them are interested is
investigating again.

Friday, we helped Sorella di San Sebastiano set up for a baby shower
that the relief society was throwing the next day for two women in the
ward. It was kinda funny because she and another lady kept coming up
to us and asking us our opinions on what the baby shower should be
like because, in their word, we're Americans and would know better
than them. We saw Viviana and her mom that afternoon and it was really
good, Viviana said she wants to recommit herself to coming to church.
We also saw Sorella Nach that night.

Saturday, we did a whole lot of organizing and calls. We also had to
go start sorting through the anziani's apartment. They left it kinda a
mess because they didn't have any time to clean before leaving. We
also went to the baby shower. Some of the sisters asked us to come and
help translate because one of the mothers that's expecting is an
American from the military base near only speaks English. It was
really fun and really cute seeing all of these Italian ladies trying
so hard to throw a nice proper American baby shower!

Sunday, we had church! It was really good. A new convert named Jim
came. He's Filipino and doesn't speak Italian, so I finally got a
chance to try out my translating skills. It was kinda difficult
because I don't really need to translate in my head anymore, I just
think in Italian, so having to put it into English for him was
interesting, it was really good practice though! We got a bidone that
night, so that was a bummer. Oh! Also, this morning while Sorella
Harris was showering, our shower head kinda start falling
apart exploding on her. So that needed to be replaced as well. We told
our senior couple about it and they kinda teased us since our
apartment has been having so many problems and asked us if we're
playing jump rope with the shower head cord and swinging from the
chandeliers. ;)

Monday, we had district meeting in Pisa! We now have to go there since
we don't have elders here anymore. There were the Pisa sorelle and
anziani and the la Spezia anziani, so we have a district of eight. It
took us kinda all morning and until about 3 to get there, do the
meeting and get back and then we had a scambio with our STLs. They
asked us if we could all stay in Livorno this time and all work there,
so we tried to get as many appointments as we could but we still ended
up having plenty of time for finding. I was with Sorella Welch this
time. I did a scambio with her back in my second transfer in Bergamo
so that was really cool to work with her again. She and I saw Sorella
Car and also her mom. Her mom's not a member, so it'd be really
cool few could maybe meet her again some time. Then we saw the bishop's
son again.  We're really happy to have the chance to teach
him, he's a really good kid!

Tuesday, morning we saw Viviana again and we committed her to read and
try coming to church, so hopefully she'll come this next Sunday! We
did more finding and then we switched back and the STLs headed back to
Prato. We got another bidone and then had English class and family
home evening, which we're trying to restart now that it's September.
Today, we finished cleaning the anziani's apartment and then cleaned
ours for an inspection from our senior couple. They're super cool!
They also fixed our door knob that kept falling off, so that's super

Well, I think that's about it for this week! It's been crazy as usual
but things are starting to look up, we're staring to get in contact
with a lot of the anziani's simps and we're hoping it'll be a really
good transfer!
I love you guys! Thanks so much for the support and love every week!
Have a fantastic week!

Sorella Snow

Riding in style! - August 25, 2015

Hey, family!
Wow, so yet another week has passed!

Wednesday night, we went over to the anziani's apartment and we
grabbed their area books and any other things we needed. Really weird
to be in an anziano's apartment!

Thursday, we spent a lot of the day going through all their area books
and trying to call people up and kinda organize it a little. They
have a lot of people that we have to try and keep track of!

Friday, we saw Sorella Nav in the morning and we talked about
faith and how its ongoing. Then went out to lunch with her. She's so
fun! She's also way sweet, she was so excited to take us out to lunch!
The rest of the day, we got a ton of bidoni and all the rest of our
appointments canceled on us. Kinda a bummer, but it happens. So we did
more organizing.

Saturday, we did weekly planning which took a lot longer than usual,
we have twice as many simps now, so that's exciting! We also saw
Sorella Car that night. We read a talk in the latest Ensign with
her. The one about the steps to a happier family.

Sunday, one of the anziani's old simps who had moved to Bologna got in
contact with us and was in town for the day, so we went and met him at
the station and showed him the way to the church. He's a really sweet
guy, he's getting baptized soon. Church was also super good this week!
We saw a ton of members, they're starting to get back in town after
Ferragosto and we set up a lot of appointments for the week! Also the
relief society lesson was really awesome this week, which was good
because it can sometimes get a little hectic with 20 outspoken Italian
ladies all talking over each other!

Monday, saw Sorella Ani and her sons Mattia and Nicola. They're
all so cute. They want us to start helping them learn English so they
asked if we could come once a week and speak only English to them for
an hour or so. The boys are really funny. At one point, Mattia
accidentally got locked out of the house and his little brother was
begging his mom, saying come on, let's just leave him out there for
half an hour, maybe an hour! They're big jokesters. We also saw the
bishop's family that night. They have a son who is 9 and hasn't been
baptized so they asked us if we could come over and help them out with
getting their son ready for baptism. We just kinda explained to him
what the steps are to baptism and what he nee to understand/start
doing to be ready for it. They're a really cute, solid family.

Today, we have pday. We decided to stay here and kinda chill today,
cause we're pretty tired! Tonight, we're taking a train to Bologna
where we'll be staying the night and then in the morning, we're
heading to Modena for a conference! There's a new area president here
and he's touring all the missions and doing conferences! This will be
a pretty big one with about half the mission there, so we're pretty

We got to ride a really nice, fast train (to Bologna) and we bought ourselves some Happy Meals and rode in style!

Well, I think that's it for me this week! I love you all so much and I
hope you all have a fantastic week!
Love, Sorella Snow

Ruining my streak - August 19, 2015

Hey family!

Sounds like y'all had an awesome week! It's been crazy here as usual!

Last Thursday, we saw Sorella Car and Sorella Nac. They were
good lessons. We spent the rest of the day out trying to find people.
We found salsa!  We were so happy!

Friday, we saw Viviana. She needed to go to the doctor and we walked
with her and shared a lesson along the way. She's really sweet and
really loves the missionaries. She also said she wants to make us some
Peruvian food, so we're pretty happy about that :). That night we
tried doing more pass bys, but no one was home, a lot of people have
already taken off for Ferragosto.

Saturday, we saw Sorella Nav! She's honestly amazing, we always go
over, but I promise she ends up teaching us a lot more than we do her.
Side fact, we're getting really good at killing bugs. They have what
they call tiger mosquitos here and they eat ya alive, so we're getting
really good at swatting at them, even when they're in the air. So
during our lesson with her, one landed, and not even thinking, I
smooshed it and Sorella Nav starting teasing me and calling me an
assassin. She's cute. We also got transfer calls that day. I'm staying
here in Livorno with Sorella Harris! It's kinda bizarre to be staying
with the same person and I'm teasing her now about ruining my new comp
every transfer streak.

Sunday, a storm came up really suddenly on the way to church and we
and the anziani got soaked. We all walked in dripping wet with puddles
at our feet. It was funny, the second counselor teased us all over the
pulpit. Sunday night we did a lot more finding.

Monday, we had district meeting and then, you can probably guess it, a
lot more finding, today we decided to try casa where we go knocking
doors down a street. Here every single building's an apartment
building and only well off people who live out in the country live in
single stand alone houses. So going down the street, there's maybe 15
or so apartment buildings (a palazzo) on each side of the street and
each house up to 10 apartments and we stand outside and ring the
intercom for each one. So we don't get doors slammed in our face, but
we do get clicks when people hang up on us, or they'll lean out their
window and shout at us. But, today, someone actually opened their
door! They didn't let us inside, but we talked on the doorstep for a
few minutes. It was a teenage girl, she was really sweet and said we
could come back some time when her family is there. That was the first
time I ever got someone to open the door doing that, so that was
really exciting!

Yesterday, We saw Sorella Car again, had correlation with our ward
mission leader and had English course. We also got some pretty crazy
news. The anziani got a call last night, and president has last minute
decided to take the anziani out of Livorno. Anziano Valencia is going
home anyways, but Anziano Guertler was supposed to stay and a new
anziano was going to come. Now they're both being moved to Pavia. So
they've had less than 24 hours to get everything packed up, empty and
clean their apartment and give us info about their simps and stuff.
For at least the next transfer, Sorella Harris and I will be the only
missionaries in Livorno. So, we're kinda stressing a little about
that. We know we can handle it but the next week or so might be a
little hectic!

Today, we took it pretty chill, organized a few things, biked around
Livorno a little. We have a conference coming up next week and the
tickets to get there are going to be kinda expensive, and Sorella
Harris is running kinda low on money, so we kinda need to preserve
money and not go anywhere the next couple of weeks.

It's been a good week. We're excited for the next transfer, we're for
sure going to be super busy but we're ready for it. Thanks for the
love and support guys! You are all the best! Have an amazing week! I
love you all!
Love, Sorella Snow

Pesca v. pesca - August 12, 2015

Hey family!

How's it going? Sounds like lots of fun at home. And wow, you're all
gonna have a ton of fun this next week with everyone coming! It's been
a good week here as well.

So, last Thursday, we saw Sorella Nav! She's seriously so awesome!
Whenever we go over, we just laugh the entire time, she's so funny.
That afternoon we saw Sorella San. She's the last relief society
president and we wanted to talk with her and kinda find out who were
some sisters in the ward who needed help. She's amazing! She's so
sweet and she has this gift of making everyone feel so good about

Friday, we did weekly planning, always long but helpful. Then we saw
Sorella Car. It was a good lesson with her.

Saturday, we did a lot of organizing today. We had to catch up on a lot of area book and fix
a lot of things in our apartment. Plus, all day we were hearing these
weird plane droning noises and we realized the next day that it was
this thing the cities do here where they have planes releasing colors
in the sky to make an Italian flag. So that was cool.

Sunday, we had church and it was good. We had a lot of people there
again. That night we saw the K family. They're a half American half
Italian family that live here. It was reaaally fun!
A beautiful church we found.  Go around the block here and you'll always find a different beautiful cathedral.

Monday, so, it was kinda raining on and off all day and Italians are a
little bit scared of weather in general. So the appointments we had
canceled on us and we couldn't really do much outside in the rain. It
cleared up a little and we were able to visit a previous simp, L. She's
not doing so great and she wanted to meet with us again and pray with
us. She's sweet. We met her in a park but after about 15 minutes it
started raining again, so we had to take off pretty quick.
Sorella Harris has this really bad quality floss she was using for a
month cause she didn't want to waste it, but it just wasn't running
out, so we finally pulled it all out and it was enough to wrap around
our apartment twice.

Yesterday, we had to replace Sorella Harris' brakes on her bike, I
always feel super accomplished when we fix something by ourselves.
Then we saw Azzura and Giacomo. They're fun. They taught us the
differences between pronouncing two words that are spelled exactly the
same. Both spelled pesca but one means fish and the other means peach,
so kinda important to not mess those up. Then we had English class and
as we were biking there, it started pouring again, so we got soaked.
We've ridden our bikes in heavy rain four times the last couple of
days, but we kinda loved it, it's a lot of fun.
My hair was rocking Pride and Prejudice ringlets  after being caught in the rain

My brakes were super worn down

Any who, that's our week! Today, we were supposed to stay in our
cities and clean our apartments for most of pday, so now our place
looks pretty nice, even if it's still kinda falling apart!
Have a great week guys, I love you all lots!
Love, Kim