Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm going to Ravenna! - September 30, 2015

Ciao, Famiglia Mia!

Wow, another long insane week!
I imagine you're wondering what transfer news is so I won't keep you
in suspense any longer... I'm leaving. It's sad, but I know it's my
time to move on. I'm going to Ravenna! It's a city on the other coast
of Italy, so that's fun, that I'm going to another coast city. I'll be
with Sorella Burgess. I don't know if you guys remember her but I
stayed with her for a week in her area at the beginning of my mission,
when I had to wait for my second trainer to come. So that's kinda
cool, I'm excited to serve with her again.

Okay, so answer to the question. I feel like I basically understand
most things now pretty easily. The hardest part is vocab, just knowing
all the random words people bring up, so I'm trying to work on that.
But yeah, I understand pretty well now, meno male!

Anywho, the week! Wednesday night, we saw the I... family. She's a
member and he's not but he comes every week. They're super awesome! We
had a really good lesson about how we're all beloved children of God.

Thursday, we saw Sorella Nav.... She's sweet. We saw Michele again
and we taught about eternal families, kinda an awkward topic with a 19
year old dude, but he's so bravo, so it was awesome! That night we saw
the Zer... family. They're really sweet and treat us kinda like we're
their American daughters.

Friday, we saw the Buz... family. We saw Gabriele that night. He's
really great, always has insane questions though. In the mtc, we asked
the teachers,what'll we do if anyone ever asks us about Kolob or other
deep doctrine and they said, you'll never need to know that, don't
worry. Well, Gabriele asks those questions.  We also saw the
Pet... family that night, they're really sweet. They always say they
need to feed us because they don't trust others to take care of us.

Saturday, we got a few bidoni so that was sad, but it happens. We got
transfer news that day and we also found out that anziani will be
coming back to Livorno next transfer. It's good because it's hard for
us to teach some of the men but it's also sad because we've serious,y
loved working with some of these men. We also saw the Ani... family,
they're amazing! Pino and his wife Elisabetta were there too, so it
was way fun.

Sunday, Alessandro, the kid we were helping get ready for baptism, was
supposed to have his baptism today, but he ended up being sick so he
couldn't. We were really sad, I really had wanted to see him do it
before I left. It's okay though, he'll do it in two weeks. We did a
lot of organizing of the area book to get ready for anziani coming
back and I started packing.

Monday, our last district meeting in Pisa! Afterwards we saw Sergio
again. He's seriously AMAZING! We did the plan of salvation and he had
awesome questions and was super happy to hear he'll get to see his
wife again one day. We saw Sorella Car... and her mom. Her mom made me
promise I'll come back and bring her a magnet from America. Italians
really love fridge magnets. We also saw the Bus... family. Gabriel's
doing amazing, he's so excited to be doing the lessons and he's a
great kid. Afterwards, Sorella Harris' bike had a punctured tire
again. It was the same time and the same spot exactly a week apart.
Kinda frustrating cause we're busy. So we walked home pushing the

Tuesday morning, we left to get the bike fixed and found that one of
my tires had a hole too. So we had to get them both fixed. We saw
Sorella Nav... and she took us out for lunch to say goodbye to me,
she's amazing, she has a huge heart. We saw Mauro today and Viviana
came with us. She was a a amazing member to bring, she had such good
input and really brought the spirit. We saw Sorella Nac... just for a
minute to say goodbye. She's doing well. We had English and FHE, I was
sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I'm really happy to have met them

Today, so we had A TON to do today and still have a ton to do. When we
left our apartment this morning, Sorella Harris' other tire had a
flat... So we pumped it up, hoping it was just flat and not a hole,
but there was a hole but it leaked slowly enough, we didn't realize
until wed already got kinda far. So that was rough, we had to take
care of that. We had to put the anziani's apartment in order for them,
we came to the church and did a little bit of email for twenty minutes
then had another appointment with Sergio. He's awesome! He just gets
it. Now, we have to finish up and then go see Azzurra and then the
Zerbi family one last time. Man, having to say goodbye to six months
worth of people in less than a week is hard!

It's been a crazy but really good week! I'm really happy for the time
I've been here and the opportunity to work with Sorella Harris, she's
truly amazing.

Sorry if this has been kinda abrupt, we have to kinda rush today
because there's so much to do and the flat tire set us back so much.

Thanks for the emails guys! You really are all the best! I love you
all so much!
Love, Sorella Snow

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