Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eskimos and random new things - January 20, 2016

Hey, everyone!

Here are more pictures from San Marino last week.  It was really windy so our hair is a little crazy! 

So, last pday, we had English class that night. No one in the medium class showed up so I got to join Sorella Arbon in the Advanced one. It's always so fun to be in the advanced class because they just want to have conversations and we just end up talking about the most random things, for instance this week, we talked about Eskimos and a different tribe of northern living people who hate being called Eskimos. Yeah, the people in the class are always teaching us random new things.

Last Thursday morning, we went and did some pass-bys. That afternoon, we went with Marisol and Antonio to go visit Sorella Pog.. who's been kinda sick lately and hasn't come to church in a few weeks. Then we went to mutual that night. The young women class just got two new beehives, so the entire program just doubled in size! They're all really great girls,we love getting to work with them. 

Friday, we finally got to see a less active sister I've been trying to get in contact with for like three months! It was a really great lesson and she said we can come back again, so we're really excited to start visiting her. She's really sweet. That night, we saw Valeria for the first time in about a month because she's been out of town for holidays. She's doing well. She's really sweet and has a really good heart.

Saturday, we had correlation in the morning and in the afternoon  we tried some for pass-bys and dropped off Sorella Arbon's bike at a repair shop. Poor Anziano Olsen has been fixing it once or twice a week for the last month but has now said he can do no more for it, so we took it in, which meant we were bike-less until Monday afternoon. We walked to Maria's house that night and had a lesson with her. 

Sunday, we did our weekly planning and saw Ben and his family that night. They are so great! They just barely got back in town from vacations so we were really happy to see them again. 

Monday, we had more pass-bys and a few bidoni. We finally picked up Sorella Arbon's bike and I needed to replace the brake pads on mine. I thought it'd be quick but apparently I'm an awful mechanic because it took me a couple hours and I didn't even do it right (poor Anziano Olsen did it the next day for me).

Tuesday, we had some more bidoni and did some finding. We were supposed to have FHE that night but it got canceled last minute. 

Today, we went to Rimini to do some shopping (you all know how much I love shopping!).  We met up with the Rimini sorelle and we had a pretty good time. We're planning on doing it again before the sales end and we're going to go look at shoes, which is what I'm excited for. Tonight there's going to be a worldwide missionary broadcast with almost all missionary's across the globe tuning in, so we're really excited for that. 

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you! 
Love, Sorella Snow 

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