Monday, January 18, 2016

Befana and more bike problems - January 13, 2016

Hey, everyone!

So last pday, it was the holiday of the Befana, an Italian witch who
brings candy to kids in their stockings, so everything was closed and
only one person came to English, but we had a good time talking with
that one dude.

Thursday, we had zone training. It's always kinda a long day because
we have to get up early and get home kinda late in the afternoon and
don't have time to see a ton of people. We saw Maria really quickly
and had a little lesson with her and then we had branch counsel. It
was good.

Friday, we saw Gaia in the morning. She's a really sweet member and we
love seeing her. She has an adorable little girl named Alice. We had a
good lesson with her, afterwards, we needed the anziani to come and
fix Sorella Arbon's bike because the brakes were putting too much
pressure and making it hard for her to ride. Turns out her wheel was
actually loose and was hitting the frame and that's why it was so hard
to ride, so it was really good we figured that out because otherwise
the wheel could've popped off while she was riding. We had an
appointment cancel on us after lunch and then went and saw Marisol and
Antonio. We hadn't seen them in a couple of weeks because they had
been out of town, so we were really excited to see them again. After
we taught them, they actually asked us to go downstairs and teach a
lesson to some of their neighbors, so that was super awesome! We had
another bidone after that and tried some more finding.

Saturday, we went finding before correlation and then did correlation
with our WML. We saw Sanela that afternoon. Unfortunately, she was
super sick and not feeling well, so we just left her with a small
message and then left her to rest. Then we went finding for a few more
hours and that night we had a dinner appointment with a less active
sister named Eliana. We've been trying to call her for weeks but she
hadn't let us come over. This week she actually called us and invited
us over, so it was a definite miracle. We had a really nice lesson
with her.

Sunday, we had church as usual. It was really nice. Afterwards, that
afternoon, we had another bidone (no show for an appointment). And
spent seriously the rest of the day finding. So our mission president
had asked us to try and get 21 lessons this week. We didn't end up
getting that many but we did triple the number of lessons we had been
getting and we finally got in contact with multiple people we'd been
trying to visit for months, so we saw a ton of blessings for all the
hard work we'd done.

Monday, we had district meeting in the morning, that afternoon, we had
another bidone. And we did more finding (I'm seeing a pattern! :)). We
also did weekly planning because we'd been too busy the last week to
do it.

Yesterday, we finally got in contact with another less active sister
and went to go see her. She unfortunately lives kinda far away, so we
left kinda early in the morning and it took us an hour and a half on
buses to get to her. It was an awesome lesson though! She promised to
come to church on Sunday! Then there wasn't a bus back until 3 that
afternoon, so we had to stay in this teeny mini village of like 8
houses until then. That night we had FHE. The branch decided to do a
movie night so we obviously couldn't stay but we went to help set up
and greet any friends or less active members who came.

Today, we went to San Marino. Almost the entire zone was there. The
Rimini Anziani had also brought a member with them who ended up
showing us all around the city, it was great!

San Marino

Sorry, the emails kinda lame/ boring. I didn't have a ton of time to
write today, promise I'll be better next week!!
I love you guys ! Have a fantastic week!
Love, Sorella Snow

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