Thursday, February 25, 2016

We smoked the anziani! - February 17, 2016


I hope you've all had a great week. Life's been crazy here like always. 

We had English class as always last Wednesday night. They're a super fun group. They told me I should be an Italian teacher when I go home :). 

Thursday, we saw Sorella A with Marisol to do visiting teaching. Sorella A is so funny but she always gets super off topic and we end up talking about the strangest things. We had a couple of appointments cancel that night and went to AMM, Italian mutual. It was fun, the youth are so great. 

Friday, weekly planning in the morning. Then we went and saw Cristiana. We finally met her oldest daughter. Cristiana's super nice and we're the first sisters who have ever really visited her so she loves finally having women to explain the gospel, she says it's easier to ask us questions. That night we saw Sanela. We redid the resto lesson because it'd been awhile and it was great. Cristian sat in with us the whole lesson and the end was asking perfect questions to lead into the plan of salvation, so we promised we'd teach him that next time. He also was telling his mom he might want to be baptized!! We just need to help her sort out some stuff first.

Saturday, we finally saw Augustine and Patience! They're a couple of simps we've been trying to see for months but they've been out of town or busy.  We also had a cool miracle that night. While we were waiting for our train to arrive to go home (it was after nine because we could only go see Augustine later), a woman shows up at the station, she is a friend of a member. We'd seen her the week before when we'd go to visit the member in the hospital. She started a conversation with us and we had a great discussion. She said she'd meet with us again so we're excited for that. 

Sunday, church! Plus Valentine's Day! Hope it was good for all of ya ;). I wanted to make my comp some heart shaped pasta for lunch but she nixed that idea. We saw Ben and family that night. 

Monday, we had district meeting in the morning and we did a how well do you know your comp quiz. We smoked the anziani. Then we had to take off for scambio. Our STLs are in Bologna now so it's a little bit closer for us to get to. All four of us stayed in Bologna for it. I was with Sorella Albos, who I actually did a little mini scambio with at the beginning of our missions so that was cool. Plus she and I have had three cities in common (Livorno, Lampugnano, and Torino) so that was pretty fun to get to talk about people we both knew. We went with a simp to have she with a member family. It was so much fun! 
Sorelle Dixon Albos, Arbon and Snow enjoying gelato

Tuesday, we were supposed to have an appointment but it canceled. We finished out the scambio and came home. We saw Diva and Debora. They're so funny. Then we went to Maria. She's still reading so we're really happy about that. 

Today! We've been taking it easy. It's been kinda rainy. We went to get some crescioni for lunch and while we were eating, the Rimini Sorelle actually showed up and ate with us. It was kinda funny, we weren't expecting to see them. 

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week! 
Love, Kim 

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