Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Dying" testimony - February 24, 2016


So it's actually been a pretty eventful week.

Last Wednesday, we English class, as always. We taught them some
English idioms (for example, apple of my eye) and they had a ton of
fun leaning them and trying to guess what they mean.

Thursday, we spent most of the day doing pass bys of members the
branch president asked us to go by. My area right now has a lot of
littler outlying cities. He assigned us ones we could get to by train.
Then we biked to another one that was closer to Ravenna. That night we
had mutual and branch counsel. It was great. President Gresta is
really awesome and working really hard to reach out to less active

Friday, we had weekly planning. That afternoon, we had an appointment
with a woman whose number the anziani had found in their area book.
Afterward, we went to Sandra. She seemed to be doing well and we
had a good lesson with her.

Saturday, we had correlation in the morning. That night we had a
carnevale party in the church! It was way fun. There didn't end up
being a ton of people but one of the members brought his daughters who
aren't members and they seemed to have a blast.

Sunrise from our balcony

Sunday, we had church! I translated. A member volunteered to drive
kinda far to go pick up Augustine and his family so they could come to
church. So it was him his wife and two daughters. We were so excited
to have them there! We also had a branch lunch after church and it was
a ton of fun. That night we went and saw Valeria. We haven't been able
to see her a lot lately because she's been so busy with work but we
were happy to finds that she's doing well and has been feeling really
close to the Savior and trying to follow him.

Monday, we went to the questura (police station) to see if Sorella
Arbon's permesso (gives her permission to stay in the country) is done
yet. It wasn't but it's almost ready. That night we got a call from a
member in the branch telling us that Sandra needed help and an
ambulance was on the way to her house. We raced over and found that
she needed to go to the hospital but needed help being dressed first.
Luckily, Sorella Arbon is a CNA and not squeamish so she was amazing
and we were able to help her out. Afterwards she was taken to the
hospital. We've heard word that she's doing better.

Tuesday, we had a zone conference. It was good. We talked a lot about
the importance of members. I also gave my "dying" testimony to the
zone. That night, our ward genealogy missionary asked us to go to a
fireside on genealogy. It was pretty interesting. Maybe I'll have to
start working on genealogy with you when I go home, mom ;).

Sorella Yonk and Anziano Mayberry - "We had to take a pic cause we're all from the same group."

Zone conference

Today, we went to Rimini for pday. We wanted to check out the markets
there but we ended up having bad luck and despite the forecast for no
rain it was drizzling and there weren't a ton of stalls set up,
bummer. Oh well.

Well, it was a good week. I hope you guys all have a great week! I love you!
Love, Sorella Snow

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