Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Worldwide Missionary Broadcast - January 27, 2016

Hey, Famiglia!

I hope you all had a good week! Everything's going well here.

Last Wednesday, we had a worldwide missionary broadcast. It was really
great. We learned a lot about the spirit and how the most we can do is
bring the message of the gospel to people, the spirit is the one who
does everything else and we need to be using it! Then we had English
class. English class is starting to get back into the normal swing of
things with everyone starting to show up again, so that's good.

Thursday, we went with Sorella Gen to do visiting teaching to
Sorella Gres. It was great. They're both such strong solid women
with amazing testimonies. That afternoon, we went and saw Cristiana
again. She's really sweet. After not having any contact with
missionaries for a while, she's really happy to have us start visiting
her. Then we went and saw Maria. We set up gospel library for her on
her phone so that it can read the scriptures aloud to her (she doesn't
read very well) so we really hope that will help her get better at
reading and help her progress more. We had mutual that night.

Friday, we did weekly planning in the morning. That afternoon, we went
and saw Sorella A with Marisol to do visiting teaching. It was
good, Sorella A is soooo funny, then we got a ton of bidoni that
night so we did passbys.

Saturday, we did a ton of passbys again because we got some more
cancellations. We also did some finding and I spent some time making
calls to set up appointments for the next week because Sorella Arbon
was supposed to stay in Ravenna with the STL for a scambio. That
night, we saw Ben and his family. They wanted us to teach them the
vocab for praying in Italian so they can start practicing at home,
they're amazing!

Sunday, church! It was a really good sacrament meeting, entirely
dedicated to missionary work! Our branch is so awesome! We did more
finding, passbys that night. Then we went to the hospital to see
Sandra, our new convert, she hurt herself a couple of weeks ago at
work and she ended up in the hospital this week (don't panic, they go
to the hospital for everything here) she's not feeling too great so we
went to visit her.

Monday, we had to clean our apartment in the morning because our
senior couple came today to inspect and we had to get it done before
the scambio. Then we went and saw Marisol and Antonio. After we had to
jump on a train to go switch with our STLs and the rest of the day was
spent getting up to Venice.

Tuesday, I was in Venice and Sorella Arbon stayed down here. It was a
good scambio! The morning was rough because everyone canceled, but the
afternoon was great and we were able to meet with a lot of new people
the Sorelle had been trying to get in contact with. The Sorelle in
Ravenna had an awesome day as well. They were able to meet a new
person that Sorella Arbon and I had passed by about 5 times and
finally she was home! So we're really excited to work with her.

Wednesday, we came back down to Ravenna to switch. The STLs stayed and
went around the city with us for awhile. We went and saw some of the
churches with the cool mosaics.

Man, it's felt like a crazy week! We have a ton of appointments
planned for this week so I'm pretty excited, it should be really good.

I love you guys! I hope you have an awesome week!
Love, Kim

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