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I'm just awful at English now! - February 3, 2016

Ciao a tutti!

Hey, everyone, I hope you've had an awesome week! Everything's going well here. So Dad pointed out that I called the senior couple weird in m email last week, so I just want to say they are most definitely NOT weird, that was a totally a typo, they're super awesome!

Last Thursday, we had our District meeting (we didnlt have time to do it earlier in the week because we and the anziani were busy with a ton of stuff). That afternoon we went and saw a less active sister with our RS president, Marisol. It was great, Marisol is so sweet and everyone just opens up to her. That night we also had mutual and branch counsel, so we were pretty busy. We went through the branch list and the president has asked us to go pass by all the people on the list that he doesn't know. 

Friday, we were supposed to see Gaia but she and her daughter got sick so we couldn't, but that's okay, we did weekly planning instead. We had a lesson with Maria that night and she's been reading!! We were really happy about that. Then we went and passed by Sandra again in the hospital with Marisol. She's not doing very well, she had a lot of back pain. President Gresta was there as well and he gave her an amazing blessing. We're all so lucky to have him, he's an amazing branch president! 

Saturday, we had correlation with our ward mission leader in the morning and we got transfer news. Sorella Arbon and I are staying together, like we knew we would, but there always has to be a surprise with transfers,,, Both of the Anziani are leaving Ravenna and we'll get two different ones. They're both pretty bummed to be leaving. That afternoon we did all of the passbys that President Gresta asked us to that are here in Ravenna. Unfortunately, all the people except one have moved away and the one wasn't willing to let us in. The rest of the passbys are in areas that are further out so it'll take us a little longer to get to them. 

Sunday, we had church! It was really good. Valeria came! She has been out of town for awhile and hasn't been able to. Also Augustine! The rest of the day there was a training on missionary work for the ward missionaries and ward mission leaders and full time missionaries that was held in Rimini. It was really good. The stake is doing a lot of new things to emphasize the importance of member missionary work. 
Sorella Carducci with Sorella Snow.  She got transferred to Savonna.

Monday, I registered for classes! Super weird. I registered to do summer term. We had district meeting which basically consisted of us helping the anziani get everything ready for them to leave. That afternoon we saw Marisol and Antonio . They're doing well. It's funny because we've seen Marisol like 10 times in the last week because we've been going out with her so much. She's amazing.
Our district was a "family" this last transfer because I was the mom and my
daughter is my trainee and Olsen and his trainee were father and son.
So we did we did a family photo with the uptight mom, oblivious dad
and fighting kids.

Tuesday, I was sick. I have a head cold. So we did a lot of area book and planning inside for most of the day. That night we had FHE where the branch said goodbye to the anziani. 

This morning, the anziani were told to leave this morning so we went and helped them with their luggage and picked up their apartment keys and phone to give to the new ones. They're super awesome elders so we'll miss them but I'm sure the new ones will be great as well.

Well, that's been our week! If my spelling and punctuation is just awful, I'm sorry. Gmail updated it's app and it's no longer compatible with the restrictions put on our ipads so I'm using the church computer, which has super sticky keys and ya know, I'm just awful at English now! 

Well, have a great week! I love you guys! 
Love, Sorella Snow 

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