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I'll be home for year! - December 23, 2015

Ciao Famiglia Mia!

How are you?! Sounds like things are going great with another brand
new niece and a baby blessing :) Things are going well here.

Last Wednesday, we had English class. I have two ladies in my class
and I just love them! They're super sweet and kind. Also, a few of the
students brought us and the anziani pandoro and panettone, some
traditional Italian Christmas treats, so they're just really sweet to

Thursday, we saw Sorella A, a member, in the morning to share the
Christmas video with her. It was great because she was just so open
and willing to share the message. We asked her if she'd give a
Christmas pass-a-long card to a friend and she was like, psh, give me
more than one, I need a stack to give to people! That afternoon we saw
Sanela! We haven't been able to see her for awhile because she was out
of town but we're really excited to start working with her again. W
also helped clean the church that night.

Friday, we did weekly planning and made cookies in the morning for our
Christmas party. That afternoon, we were supposed to have an
appointment with a new person but she didn't show, so that was a
bummer. That night, we had our Christmas dinner! It was so fun! And
there was so much food! We ate the cappelletti we helped make and had
some awesome tiramisu!

Saturday, we had correlation in the morning. That afternoon we had a
ton of appointments fall through, so that was a bummer. I love
Christmas season as a missionary because everyone's way more open to
religion, but on the other hand, a ton of people leave town or want to
take a break from seeing us because they're with their families, so
that's kinda rough and we get a lot bidoni.

Sunday, we saw the Christmas devotional in Italian, that was cool
cause I didn't watch conference in Italian so I got to test out my
language skills listening to legit talks. I was able to understand
basically all of it, so that was cool. (Granted it was all religious

Monday, we had our Christmas zone meeting. It was fun. We talked about
the Christ like attributes. We also sang some Christmas carols and I
got my Christmas package!! Thanks mom! I'm super excited to open my
presents on Christmas.

Tuesday, we went and did some finding for awhile and weren't having
success, so we were leaving but decided to talk to one last guy. We
walked up to him and asked him if we could share a Christmas video and
he told us some other missionaries had already beat us to it! He
apparently had seen the anziani in Padova a couple of days before and
they'd stopped him also. So, that was really cool, we had a good
discussion and we told him that there are church meetings in Padova
and invited him to call the anziani there :) We also saw Maria. Then
we had family home evening.

Today, we went to San Marino. It was fun. It's really pretty. It's a
teeny town though, so we probably walked it like 3 times.
San Marino

Well, I love you guys so much! Thanks for your love and support
throughout this year. I'm so grateful for my Savior and I'm happy to
celebrate his birth at this time. Have a Merry Christmas!
Sorella Snow
PS check out the video the church made in addition to A Savior is
Born, it's super beautiful!

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