Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy New Year! - January 1, 2016

Ciao Famiglia!

Hey, I hope you all had a fantasic Chrismas! It was pretty good here ;).

So, last week, after pday, we had English class. It was getting pretty
close to Christmas,so not a lot of people showed up, only a few of the
advanced course people, but it was fun. We played hang man

Last Thursday, it was Chrismas Eve! So, we made some brownies and then
spent a lot of the day biking around to all of our members and simps
houses and caroling and giving them brownies. We went with the anziani
and ya know, it's always kinda funny when we have all four of us
biking around with our church dress and helmets and we're sticking out
like a sore thumb, we get a lot of strange looks.

Friday, Christmas! It was great! We went to the P family for
Christmas lunch and ate too much food. Sorella Arbon's face was pretty
funny when I told her that we ate a relatively light Christmas lunch
(it was only like 4 courses, Italians are crazy!). Then we got to
skype with our families!! That was super great, I was really happy to
see you all, it was definitely the highlight of Christmas.

Saturday, we did a lot of area book and phone calls. We went outside
and the streets were literally deserted. So, that was a little rough.

Sunday, we had church! We also were recruited to teach the lesson in
relief society. Trying to keep an Italian lady from talking too much
is hard when you have a one on one appointment, trying to keep them
from dominating the conversation when it's 10 of them versus one
"seasoned" missionary and one greenie is even more difficult. But it
went well in the end.

Monday, we had district meeting like usual and then had a lot of
finding and area book and trying to set up appointments. This week was
kinda the awkward time between Christmas and New Years where
everyone's still out of town.

Tuesday, in the morning we had to go to the police department to work
on stuff for Sorella Arbon's visa. I'm the afternoon we did more
finding until Sorella Arbon's brakes broke. Luckily, Anziano Olsen is
amazing at fixing stuff and loves doing it too, so he worked on them.
We're so lucky that he's here to help us because that bike has broken
about once a week since I've gotten here! Then we had FHE. Samuele and
Sandra, two new converts, were the only ones to show up. We had a
really awesome lesson with them though.

Wednesday, we had new missionary training in Milano, so we had to wake
up at 5:30 that morning to catch a train and make it there in time. It
was great though. We both learned a lot and got new ideas for
missionary work. It was really good. One cool miracle, on the way
there, there was a young man who started a conversation with us. He's
a less active member. He was really cool and we had an awesome
conversation with him. We left him with the site for the Christmas
video. Hopefully he'll look it up. Then on the way back that night I
met a nice little old man on a train, he gave me a sudoku to do but he
also tried to convince that I should be Catholic, so that was an
interesting conversation :).

Thursday, we had to go to the police office again to do more stuff for
Sorella Arbon's permesso. Then we saw Sanela! She's so awesome! Turns out
Serbians celebrate Christmas the 31 instead of the 25, so we kinda
went over on their Christmas Day, oops. But she was happy to see us
and we had a great lesson. Afterwards. Her nine year old son was super
interested and asking us a lot of questions, so we're hoping he wants
to start investigating as well. :) then we had to be inside early that
night because the festivities for New Years can get a little insane
here. Such as people launching fireworks out of their living room

Today, was pday! Unfortunately, literally every store was closed in
town because it was the day after New Year's Eve. Equally as
unfortunate is the fact that we have run out of food because we had to
delay an extra two days to do our pday. Luckily, we found an open
place to get lunch and everything should open up again by tomorrow :).

Well, that was my week! It was a long one! I hope you all had an
amazing Christmas and New Years. I love you!
Sorella Snow

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