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Ravenna is decorated for Christmas - December 9, 2015

Hey, Famiglia

Whew, another crazy week.

Last, Wednesday, we went and saw Maria. She's doing well, lessons at
her house are always kinda insane because there are tons of people
coming and going throughout the entire thing. Then we had English,
which is always really fun.

Last Thursday, we went out and did some finding. Unfortunately, with
winter and the cold, it's a little harder cause not as many people are
out. That night we had branch counsel. It was good, hey we're making
their goals for the new year and talking about who they want to
concentrate on, they all are really awesome.

Friday, we hopped on a train to get to Mestre to do a scambio with the
STLs. I stayed in Mestre with Sorella Schoenhals again. We spent the
entire night doing pass bys in Venice! It was sooooo beautiful, we
even got to use the water taxis to get around.

Saturday morning, we drove back down to Ravenna to scambi back. It was
a shorter scambio because the train ride getting there is just so
long. Then, we got transfer news. To our surprise, Sorella Bastian is
already leaving... And I'm training! I wasn't expecting that. That
means that I'll spend the next two transfers here in Ravenna and
finish my mission here. Pretty crazy. After that, we had an
appointment but it canceled on us and then we did a lot of passbys all
Sorelle Snow & Batian

Sunday, we had sacrament meeting in the morning only and then went to
Marisol and Antonio's for lunch so Sorella Bastian could say goodbye.
Then we had a mini stake conference recap in Rimini (which is why we
only had sacrament meeting) because when we did the actual stake
conference, they showed it on skype but the quality was really low and
we couldn't hear much. I got to translate at that, so that was pretty
bizarre. Then we went and said goodbye to Maria.
Lunch at Marisol & Antonio's

Sorella Bastian, Maria & Sorella Snow

Monday, last district meeting. The Forlì anziani are getting taken out
of our district so we're back down to just the four Ravenna
missionaries next transfer. 

That night we went to the P family for
dinner because they wanted to make pizza for Sorella Bastian before
she leaves. It was a lot of fun.
P Family

"That plate is the size of the rotating one in the microwave.  It was big..."

Tuesday, we found out that we'd have to leave pretty early on
Wednesday to go up to Milano for transfers. They're trying to do them
more spread out this transfer to avoid big groups of missionaries. So
we had to do a ton of stuff to get Sorella Bastian ready to go since
we wouldn't have much of Wednesday to do anything. We did some area
book as well and had FHE that night. Most of the members are on a
temple trip right now, so it was just us the anziani, Fratello
P and Daniele and Rosa.
The city is decorated for Christmas!

Today, we have to run a ton of errands still this morning before we
get our train. I'm going to stay the night with Sorella Avila in
Cimiano and Sorella Bastian is going to travel the rest of the way to
her new city, Bergamo with my mtc comp, Sorella Hawks!

Man, it's been a crazy week! I'm really excited for the next transfer.
I hope you're all doing well. I love you!
Love, Sorella Snow

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