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I'm a mom! - December 16, 2015

Hey, Famiglia!

So, exciting news for the week, I had a child! You know, with all my
sibs having baby girls I figured I'd have one too! Just joking, but we
really do call our trainers our mission moms and the trainees are our
mission daughters, sooooo.... :)

So, last Wednesday night,  Sorella Bastian and I had to head off for
Milano because I had to be there bright and early Thursday morning to
go to the mission home and get matched up with my greenie. We stayed
the night with Sorella Hawks!

Thursday morning, I said goodbye to Sorella Bastian (really sad to
have spent such a short time with her) and headed off to the mission
home, my new comp's name is Sorella Arbon and she's from Kaysville,
Utah (she said she doesn't know any Snows living there). She's super
sweet, really funny and sooo excited to work, so I think we're gonna
have a great time! The rest of the day was super long getting back,
just basically all day on trains but we talked to quite a few people
and it was fun.

Friday, weekly planning as always. We also went and saw Maria and
tried to see a couple of other people but it's getting close to the
holidays and people are starting to take off for Christmas and New

Saturday, we had correlation in the morning and that afternoon we went
and saw Amelia and Morena. They're some simps who I hadn't ever met
before but they finally answered when I called and said we could come
over. They seem really sweet and said they'd like to come to the
branch Christmas party so hopefully they will. We passed by some more
people but still no luck.

Sunday, we had church( poor Sorella Arbon, the first Sunday is sooooo
exhausting because you have no clue what anyone's saying and you're
trying so hard to understand that you're mentally exhausted) and then
all that afternoon and night we did a gazebo (as they call it here).
It was like a stand set up and a ton of members came and all four
missionaries and we stopped basically every person who passed. They
had a TV set up showing motab and church videos. It was great! The
members were super awesome and excited to help do missionary work and
we got some new people we can try to contact from it.

Monday, district meeting in the morning. We're back down to just
having the four Ravenna missionaries in our district(last transfer we
had Forlì as well). That afternoon we had to go sort out permesso
stuff for Sorella Arbon. Basically making it legal for her to stay
here. That night we saw the P family and helped Sorella
P with a service project.

Yesterday, we saw Debora and Diva. They can sure talk. That afternoon
we went with Sorella Gen- to do visiting teaching for Sorella
Gre-. Afterwards there was a branch activity to make cappelletti( a
type of stuffed pasta) for the Christmas party, so they asked us to
come help out with that. It was so much fun! The members kept telling
us we had to go home and make it for our families in America :). Then
we had FHE that night.
Sorelle Arbon & Snow

Today! We kept it pretty chill. Sorella Arbon needs some new
stuff (boots, sweaters) so we did a little bit of shopping and we also
had to go work on her permesso stuff again today.

It's been a good week. We're working hard and we're really exciting
for Christmas. I love you guys, have a great week!
Love, Sorella Snow

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