Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vi voglio bene! (I love you!) - March 26, 2015

Hey, Everyone! 

So, answers. Sorella Mantz's friends who came to visit us were simps she's had in Genova. We're allowed to keep in contact with people from past areas through letters, so I've already written a letter to M back in Milano :). Yeah, we can listen to conference live here, but we still have to be home on time. Sorella Mantz said what usually happens is that you'll watch both morning sessions and the Saturday afternoon session sometime on Sunday, but that we probably won't get the chance to watch the Sunday afternoon session. Since there are so many Africans here who speak English, we'll hopefully be  able to watch Conference in English :)

So, last Thursday morning, we had to run to the Post Office and while we were waiting there, we met and talked to a super cute lady named L. We had a prayer with her and got her contact info, so hopefully we'll be able to see her again sometime this week! We also saw D that night. She's in a rough place in her life right now and she's starting to really see how the gospel could bless her life. She's willing to be baptized, but she doesn't want to set a date because in the past she had a bap date and missed it, so she doesn't want to set one this time until she fells certain she'll make it. But she has a ton of potenial, so we're excited to continue to work with her. 

Last Friday, we met our landlords who are a super cute old couple and helped us understand a phone message that we were having trouble with because the person spoke Italian too fast. They were really cute and said they wanted to take us out for coffee some time, so maybe we'll have a lesson with them...about the word of wisdom :). Then we saw A. She's really sweet.

The next day, we went out in the morning to try and do some pass bys of ex simps and less active people. We unfortunately didn't find any of them, but we met some new people and had lessons with them and also ran into a member, so that was fortuitous. It's cool to see that even though our plans don't work out the way we'd thought they would, our hearts were still in the right places and the Lord guided us and put people in our paths with whom we could speak. That night we also went out on splits with some young women from the ward. It was cool to see them so willing to go out and do missionary work on a Saturday night. 

Sunday, we had church (of course) and that night there was a party for a returned missionary. The ward asked us to sing a song, so we did Army of Helaman. The RM said she'd be willing to go out with us sometime, so that's pretty cool. She just got back from the Lisbon Portugal mission (maybe she knew Lauren :)).

Monday, we saw a really cool member family. The little boy was super cute, he kept on saying "I'm going to serve a mission, I'm leaving soon and I'm going to Peru." That was really cool. He's super young (I think5 or 6) but he's already a really good example for his other siblings. 

Tuesday, we saw a potential simp in the morning, M. She's from Africa. She has a little boy and she's really cool! She speaks English pretty well (usually with Africans you have to use an "African voice" which is super stacatto or they won't understand you) we set a bap date with her! That was super exciting. She's come to church twice already, that was how we found her, she's the friend of one of the anziani's simps. So we're really excited to be working with her!! That night we saw S again. She's really cool. We read the scriptures a little and talked. She totally agrees with all of the church's teaching and believes the Book of Mormon and everything, she's just hesitant about being baptized becuase she was already baptized when she was a baby. But, she's a super awesome person and we love seeing her. 

Yesterday was Sorella Nilsen's halfway mark in the mission, so we celebrated by setting up a little gravestone for her with her name and geting a little round cake shaped like a hill and telling her she was over the hill. Typing it out, it sounds kinda mean, but it was just an inside joke and she loved it. We say that when you go home from the mission, you're dying. But there is life after death.

That afternoon, we went to the University to help out a member couple who were doing a presentation on our church, it was super interesting, but kinda weird. We're just not used to teaching in a lecture style. luckily, there were a ton of missionaries there, so I didn't have too talk to much. Also, at the end, when it was all finished, Sorella Mantz and I totally started bowing our heads to end in  prayer. We forgot in wasn't a normal lesson and it was super weird. :)

But yeah, that was our week. Whew. Also, don't know if you guys already know this, but there will be a series of short films coming out starting this Saturday about Easter and Christ. I think it's called Because He Lived in English. It's supposed to be super good, so y'all should check it out! 

Anywho, It's been a great week. I'm super grateful I get to be here and I'm grateful for everyone's love and support! Have an amazing week! Vi voglio bene! 
Love, Sorella Snow 

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