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Transferred to Torino - March 4, 2015

Ciao, famiglia! 

So it's been another crazy hectic week here, but we're loving it! 

So, questions and answers! Yes, Fortunately, I did survive the transfer! And it is transfer week! Aaaannnnd, I'm being transferred out of Milano to Torino. I was super bummed at first, because I wanted to be able to stay here and see Marlene baptized and I've grown to love these people so much, but I know that it's the Lord's will and that there are more amazing opportunities and people waiting in Torino, so I'm excited now! My companion will be Sorella Mantz, who is actually one of Sorella Kynia Carter's previous collegas, so I'm excited, I've heard amazing things about her! (I can't remember if I mentioned it, but Sorella Nedelkov is also one of Sorella Carter's old companions, the one she had right before she came to Milano!) And Sorella Nedelkov is going to stay here and train! She's super excited.
Anywho, the man who we met on the bus and who came to church, we couldn't set an appointment with him because he's a single man, but we're passing him to the anziani, and hopefully they'll be able to meet with him! 
Yeah, the closest temple for people here is the Swiss one, it's just 3 or so hours by train, but it's pretty expensive, I've heard. 

So, last p-day, We went to a museum with a member here who can get us in free, so that was super fun. That night all of our appointments canceled, so that was brutal. That happened to us a TON these last few days, but it's okay, we stayed positive!
We're mummies!

Just a normal day in the life of an Italian  missionary!


Thursday, we saw a less active woman in our ward and visited with her for a little while, we also saw Marlene and had English Course. 

Friday, we saw Rosa again, our new convert and then we had an appointment with a family of exsimps we'd found doing area book and it was pretty good, they told us we could come back again, but the mom also asked us if we'd take her daughter to school for her next Monday... We couldn't politely get out of it, so now we're taking a little girl to school! 

Saturday, was transfer calls day. So, usually, people who are getting called to leadership positions get calls in the morning and everyone else gets theirs during lunch. But today, Pres had to make some last minute changes for some unknown reason, so we were all on edge all day waiting for our calls. We finally got them at 10 at night!
Waiting for transfer calls is hard...
Sunday, was crazy, we were trying to run around and meet with people so that I could say goodbye to everyone and make last minute appointments with simps and less actives so I could see them one more time.
Monday was the day we had to drop a little Italian girl off at school. So, the mom told us to be at the house at 7:30, and we live an hour away from them, so we woke up at 6 to get out the door super quick to get there on time. We got there, and the little girl was still asleep! So we had to make her breakfast, help her get ready  (her school requires her hair to be put up so we and to do her hair for her) and then get her to school. It was... strange. But she's a really cute little girl and it was a new experience, so we had fun. Then later that day we met the other daughter in that family to teach her English (we do that a lot, help people with English homework) and then saw Giovanna that night.

Sorelle Snow and Nedelkov with Giovanna
Yesterday, we saw Sorella G in the morning and then went to the M--a's for lunch. It was really fun. They made us pastelle, which is an El Salvadorean dish and then empanadas with a banana filling for dessert. It was super good! Then we went to see the M--o Family  ( Rosa, Katy and Sabrina) and then FHE! It was super fun but really sad because I had to say goodbye to a ton of the members there. It was a bummer, but they made me promise I'll come back, so I'll see them again!

M--o family

Our district this transfer

Sorelle Nedelkov and Snow with Giulia and Nai
Anywho, that's my week! 

Thanks for all of the letters! You guys rock! I'm super excited for the chance to meet new people and serve in a new city! I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you! 
Love, Kim

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