Sunday, March 22, 2015

First Week in Torino - March 11, 2015

So, really quick questions! Yep!  I'm in Torino, and I have no clue, what it's called in English :) We're pretty close to the Alps, we can see them from the city. The city's really cool, a little bit different from Milano (the metro is way nicer cause the Olympics were here) but I'm kinda used to city life now, so I'm happy :) There are two wards in Torino, we're in Torino 1. They all seem super cool. There are a lot more Africans here and a little bit less South Americans in the ward. There are two other sets of Anziani in the ward. Sorella Mantz is awesome! She and Sorella Kynia Carter were comps, so, I was super excited to be with her, and it's rocked so far! Also, we live with two other sorelle, so that's super exciting! It's really fun to live in four and I'm super happy I'm getting the chance to do it! Yeah, a train to the Rome temple would take about the same amount of time as the one to the Swiss temple for the people in Milano, but they're excited to have one in their actual country! We went to the museum at Castle Sforesco again. They have different exhibits with paintings or a furniture one and so on. They didn't have any primary artists featured, but they did have an unfinished sculpture by Michelangelo and a ceiling painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Haha, yeah we're allowed to go to museums, they want us to get some culture!
Whew, okay, so this has once again been an insane week!

Last Wednesday, we spent most of it doing things to get ready for the transfer to end, like packing and cleaning and so on!

Then Thursday, we had transfers! I went to Milano Centrale, where I hung out for a few hours until Sorella Mantz and I could catch a train to Torino! We made it back (despite a broken down train and having to catch a bus and metro to get home) then went out for a dinner appointment. Then we got lost getting home again. We didn't make it home till after 11 that night, so, I was pretty dead :).

Then Friday, we went in the morning to help this member who wanted a recording of an American woman's voice for his movie. So we did that and he told us the plot of his movie and it seemed pretty cool! It's about World War II and how prejudice still exists to this day about Germans and their part in it. So we were super psyched to be a part of it, plus he said he would give us free copies, so that rocks! That night we had English course and it was super fun, the people there seem cool.

Saturday, we did a ton of Area book, because they just opened here last transfer, so there's still a lot of organization to do.

Sunday, there was church and it was the Festa Della Donna, so basically a day to celebrate women, so everyone kept on congratulating us on being women. So that was fun :)

Monday, we saw An... a less active member and Ad... another less active member, and they seem pretty cool, I'm excited to get to know them more!

Tuesday, we did pass bys and calls and more area book and a little bit of finding. I'm not a huge fan of finding, but I think I'll probably get a lot better at it after this transfer. :)

Today, we met up with the Sorelle from Collegno, Sorelle Stott and Burgess (I was with her for a week in Cimiano at the beginning of my second transfer in Italy :)) and we went to this church up on a mountain that we had to ride a tram to get to. It was super pretty.
Sorella Burgess and Sorella Snow

Sorelle Snow and Mantz at the church


"I realized that there was this perfect pillar of light, so I made Sorella Stott go sit in it"

 "I went and sat in the light too, but I'm not blonde, so I don't look as angelic." 
But, yeah, I'm super excited to be here in Torino, I'm excited to be with Sorella Mantz and to meet the ward here! I think it's gonna be a good transfer!

I love you guys and I hope you have a fantastic week! We plan on doing internet at about the same time next week also, in case you wanted to try to email back and forth at all :).

Have an awesome week!
Love, Sorella Snow

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