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Are you my mummy? - April 1, 2015

Buonasera, tutti!

Hey, everyone, it's been another crazy week over here!

Okay, so answers! Yeah, we hear about Italian operas and plays, we're allowed to go to cultural events, but pretty sparingly. Sorella Mantz and I might go see Romeo and Juliet next transfer if we're still together :).

Yeah, Maria Caci would be pronounced kah-chee with the emphasis on the first syllable. Giglia is a little tricky. The Gi would make the J sound like gem (so it's sound like Jee) and the gl makes a sound like the li in million, basically the l noise with kinda a y sounds after it. So, Jee-li-a with the emphasis probably on the li part. Hope that helped, I love talkin about Italian :).

Anywho, so, last Friday, all of our lessons unfortunately canceled on us, so we did a lot of work in our area book and some finding, woohoo! But, yeah, it was good cause we got more organized.

Saturday, we once again had a day full of lessons cancel on us, but we were able to arrange some last minute ones and we saw some cool people. One was a potential named Verdi. She's super cool and speaks English really well, so it was really fun!

Sunday, Mariam, our new simp from last week came and we were super happy to have her! We also went to an African party later that day. It was a birthday party for a little boy, so we thought it would be pretty tame, but it was crazy. We were walking up to the building and we could hear super loud music and were like wow, the neighbors are having a crazy party, then we realized it was actually the one we were going to. We got out pretty quick, but we got some super yummy African food!

African food handouts
Oh! Also we met some American tourists in Church, which was a little strange, not really used to speaking so much English :)

Monday, we had a district meeting, and for the training, the ZLs talked about the importance of members and getting them to come to lessons. We then did a "real play" (get it, like role play) and each coppia called some members to try and set up a lesson. We (Sorella Mantz and I) were having a really hard time getting anyone to commit to come with us, so we were all sitting in a circle making calls for an hour trying to set up one member present lesson. It was kinda funny how ridicuosly hard it was to get that one member present. We finally got it! But then the simp didn't show up to it the next day. So, that was pretty ironic. But that day we also had a really good lesson with the sister and mother of a man who got baptized this week. The sister wanted to know more about the church because she said she could see how much it had changed her brother's life. She was really cool and we're going to see them again next week!

Tuesday, we saw Angela and then we went to a baptism (for the man whose sister we'd taught). It was really cool. It was a man the anziani had been working with for a while and when they first met him, he smoked two 24 packs of cigarrettes a day. Now, he hasn't for a couple of weeks. It was really cool.

Today, we went to the Egyptian museum! Torino has a pretty famous Egyptian museum and it reopened after renovations and was free today! It was really cool. Lots of mummys :)

Are you my mummy?

Anyways, it's been a good week here and I hope everything's going well with you guys as well! I'm so excited to celebrete the Resurrection of our Savior this Sunday and to hear the words of the living prophet we're so lucky to have today. I love you guys! Have a great week!

Love, Sorella Snow

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