Sunday, March 22, 2015

So vediamo (So let's see) - March 18, 2015


Hey, y'all! So, it's been a crazy week with lots of exciting things happening!

Last Thursday, we had a zone training with about 20 missionaries there, and we got some pretty exciting news! The Italy Milan Mission will be receiving iPads to use in our missionary work!!! Elder Bednar will be doing a training on how to use them while he's here with us in April and then we'll receive them sometime after that conference! But we're all super excited for the chance. We were told that we are 1 of 15 missions who are getting the chance to try this, so we can't wait! After zone training, we saw a simpatizzante named J. She's from Africa (there's actually a TON of Africans in Torino and there's several in the ward) so we teach her in English. She's seems really cool and we're hoping to meet with her again later this week.


Mmmm!  That looks delicious! 
Friday, we went in the morning with one of our less active people, A, to the doctor and then had lunch with her. She's really cool and has a really strong testimony of the church. That night we saw another simp, D, whom I think has realized that she could really use the church in her life but is kinda dragging her feet on putting it into to practice, but we think she's starting to have the desire to come, so vediamo!

Saturday, we saw another simp named s, she seems like a really awesome person but she hasn't been coming to church lately because her friend's in the hospital and she's been going to see her Sundays.

Sunday, some of Sorella Mantz's friends from Genova came to find her in Torino, so we saw them and it was really fun. They were super awesome, they gave us a bajillion presents.

Friends from Genova
Monday, we saw A, another member, and we stayed with her for lunch and then watched Finding Faith in Christ with her, and I kinda accidently fell asleep, but the lights were out and I was tired, so don't judge! :) Anywho, after we went to find another African lady who is less active, named J. She was really cool, but she only had five minutes, so we had to keep it really short.

Tuesday, we unfortunately got a bidoni (when you get to someone's house for a set up appointment and they aren't there) so we had to do finding in the rain for an hour or so. That was a little rough. It rained a ton the last few days here. It makes finding kinda hard. But we had another appointment that night and then ward counsel, which was a little crazy.

"I found the Tangled flower!"

Today, we took it easy. Sorella Mantz had a Skype interview for college stuff, so we just stayed close to home all day and relaxed.

Questions: Yeah, St Patrick's Day is recognized here, it seems like they have a party every single day here! Someone at Ward Counsel did try to pinch us, but we narrowly escaped.
I seriously love Torino! I was sad at first to leave Milano, but it's really cool here! There are so many things to go do and see and I love living in four and Sorella Mantz rocks! So, I'm super happy!

I love you guys! Thanks for the letters! Hope you all have a fantastic week!
Love, Sorella Snow

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