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Buhm, Buhm, Buhm - Another Week Bites the Dust - February 25, 2015

Ciao, Tutti

So, It's been another hectic week and time is flying here, hence the title of this here email. 

Last Thursday, We started off the day with an appointment with a new convert in our ward, Rosa. It's always beautiful to see her because she has a strong testimony and so much love for the Savior, she's an inspiration for me. Then we had a lunch appointment with the M family, which was really fun. They are a less active family that we've been working with since I got here, but in the last two transfers, they've been doing really well and have been coming to church regularly, so I'm really happy to be witnessing their progression in the gospel! That night we had English course, and before it started, three young women in our ward surprised us and threw confetti all over us in honor of Carnevale, which happened last weekend. The Carnevale in Venice is the really famous one that everyone knows about, but it happens all over Italy, and little kids were running around in costumes and it was super cute! 

Friday, we had another lesson with M and we really had a breakthrough with her! We addressed a lot of her concerns about baptism and she told us that she's officially decided that she'll be baptized in April, at the latest. We're really excited for her! She's making a ton of friends in the ward and is feeling the spirit so strongly.

M gives us sooo much  food!
That night we also went and passed by the B family. They were people on our ward list who nobody knew who they were. So we went and they were super happy to have us and an awesome family, I'm excited to work with them!

Some super cool paintings on the sides of buildings we walk past on the way to Lydia's house:

Knock! Knock!

I have a thought...

I can feel the heat...

Dancing and singing in the streets?

Saturday, we saw Gaia and Giovanna again and had a beautiful lesson. Then we saw Amelia that night, a referral from the M family. We had a really good lesson but we might have to pass her to the other missionaries. Then we went to the birthday party for a little girl in the ward, her name's Princess. It was super fun and there were 30 people packed in a teeny apartment and karaoke. We loved it!

Sunday, we had church and a random man who I had talked to on a bus a few days earlier showed up! So that was really cool! It's rare for that to happen! Then we saw a few members  that night. 

Monday, we saw Mary and her daughters, Melany and Merisa. They're a cute little family and it was a really good visit. 
We found Lorenzo Bartolini!  (Shout-out to fans of Letters to Juliet)
Tuesday was kinda crazy. We had to go out into a paesino (which is like a little suburban area) of Milano to find a potential simp. But paesini are crazy and difficult to navigate, so we spent two hours trying to find her. Eventually we did and it was a good lesson. Then we had another lesson that night with the M family and FHE. It was a really fun day, but we were super busy. 

Anywho, that was our week, a ton of appointments! We were super busy but it was really fun! 

Thanks for the Emails and love guys! You're all amazing and I hope you have a spectacular week! I love you! 
Love, Kim

Here are some pictures from zone conference on February 17th:
Milan Ovest Zone

Sorella Yost & Snow

Sorelle Snow & Skinner

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