Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Woohoo! McDonald's, Here We Come! - February 18, 2015

Buonasera, Tutti! So, because it's already after three here, everyone all says bounasera at this time! 

Okay, answers! Yeah, I received the letter from Melanie yesterday and the card from you (Mom) last Friday! Thanks so much! It was awesome getting them! My comp was jealous that I got a Valentine's card! Also, thanks for the emails, I was just about dying laughing at them, (thanks for the scripture Dad, I'll have to try that one out!!)

Anywho, this week has been pretty crazy also! Last P-day we just took it easy because we were both exhausted! We stayed in and watched church films and just had a lazy day. Then that night we went to a member's house who has a daughter who's a new convert. It was super fun, they're all really awesome and we could feel the spirit so strong in their home! 

Then Thursday, we had a few different appointments with members and another with M. She's doing really good! We also had English course, which is always fun because I get to sound all smart. Oh, also we realized that day that whenever someone who we have an appointment set up with calls us, we both freak out and have a mini heart attack because we're so scared they're going to cancel. Probably because we had so many lessons cancel last week. But, yeah, we just realized that we were both being a little ridiculous! 

Friday, we saw a new convert, named R, who we've been trying to see for the last 2 months but the timing's never worked out, so we were super excited to finally get over to her! Then we saw L and then we went and visited a sister who's in the hospital. The hospital she's in is outside of our area, so we had to get permission from president to visit it, but it was really good to see her again and check up a little on how she's doing. 

Saturday was... Valentine's Day! As I'm sure you're all already aware. It was fun. Italians take their saints and all of the holidays for saints very seriously, so there was a ton of partying here. We spent the morning cleaning the church and then a member who cleaned with us took us all out to lunch. It was pretty funny, because she was like, sorelle, let's go get some panini and we were like, yeah, we love sandwiches. So, she said, woohoo, Mcdonald's here we come. McDs is pretty classy here in Europe. That night we practiced singing with the anziani because we were singing in sacrament meeting again!

Sunday, we had church in the morning and then we went to our ward mission leader, Fratello L's home for lunch. That night, we had a lesson with a lady who had heard us speaking English on a bus and wanted us to come teach her daughter about the Bible in English. So, that was pretty interesting. We taught from the Bible but explained that we're not Catholic, so we teach from the BoM also. they made an appointment for us to come back next Sunday, so we'll see what happens!

Monday, we made a lot of calls and did pass bys. 

Tuesday, we had zone conference! It was pretty good! It's always fun to see the other missionaries and hear how they're doing and how their work is progressing. There's always some inspiring stuff in zone conference. This time they talked a little about patriarchal blessings, and I just loved it! It's true that our patriarchal blessings are so important and unique and special for us! Also, presidemt had some pretty big news he received during the conference. Elder Bednar, from the 12, is going to be visiting the Italy Milan Mission in April! He's going to have a big meeting with the missionaries here!! We are so EXCITED! I love him and all of his talks, most of the missionaries do, because we always feel like he's talking directly to us! It's going to be awesome! 

Today, we had to move p-day a little, because we had an appointment in the morning, so that's why I'm writing so late, hope I didn't scare you too much! We went to the Duomo today and I took Sorella Nedelkov and the Busto Sorelle to see the Bone Church that's nearby. It was pretty cool! 

Terrified at the Bone Chapel
I love being here and I love having the opportunity to share my testimony with the people here in Italia! Thanks so much for the letters and support! You all rock! I love you!

Love, Sorella Snow

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