Saturday, November 21, 2015

New companion - November 18, 2015

Ciao, Famiglia!

Hope you all had a great week! Everything's going well here.

So, last Thursday morning, I took Sorella Burgess to the train station
and she met up with another sister and they took off, I spent the
morning and afternoon here in Ravenna with an Italian sister while we
waited for our comps to arrive. That was interesting, hanging for so
long with a sister who really only speaks Italian, it was cool to see
how much I've learned :). Our comps arrived and I met up with Sorella
Bastian! She's really great! We have a similar sense of humor and
we're both big readers, so we bonded quickly :). We went to mutual
that night and met the new Anziano. Anziano Olsen is training and he
got an Italian greenie named Anziano Marataro, so that's fun, to have
a legit Italian in the disrict.

Friday, we started weekly planning and we went and saw some people. We
saw Sanela and Maria. They're both doing well. They both had promised
they'd come to church (in the end, Sanela ended up needing to go the
the doctor Sunday but Maria came!)
We also did a ton of passbys, I'm just basically trying to help
Sorella Bastian get to know the city and people as quick as possible
because this transfer is going to be so short and we don't know if
I'll stay another.

Saturday, we saw Anna and also Valeria. They're both doing well.
Valeria is kinda insane and she's super funny, so we always have a ton
of fun when we go see her.

Sunday, we had church! Maria was there and also a few less active
people we're working with, so it was exciting. Augustine, another simp
showed up for the second two hours, so that was good as well. We were
super bummed Sanela didn't come though.

Monday, we went and saw Sanela again. We're trying to think of good
ways to help her quit smoking, it's just such a problem here! We also
saw Maria and Alessandro. They're doing well. That night we went and
saw Sabrina and Paolo like usual. We read a talk from conference
about Turing to Christ to find the answers and the steps you can do to
find answers, they really liked it.

Tuesday, we had zone conference! It was good. We went to Rimini and we
had to take off pretty early in the morning to make it in time. It was
really good. We talked about a lot of cool ideas to use our iPads to
the fullest in lessons and studying. Also, Meet the Mormons is finally
out in Italian and is on YouTube for this week only, so we're going
crazy trying to help publicize it. That night for FHE we watched it in
the church. It was really fun. The members are getting involved in
helping to publicize to their friends as well.

Zone conference

Today, we took it pretty easy. Neither of us was feeling too well so
we basically just stayed home for pday and got organized. It was nice
to chill for a second.
Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you!

Love, Sorella Snow

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