Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ready for zombie apocalypse - October 28, 2015

Ciao Famiglia!

Man sounds like a crazy week at home! I'm so excited for a new niece!
Answers to questions, we get so many flat tires because the streets
are just filled with trash, nails, broken glass, thorns and whatnot.
The streets aren't very well kept in Italy. We've taught Sanela all
the major lessons, we just need to do all the commandments with her
now. She doesn't know how to read very well, but she's trying really
hard to read the pamphlets. We're trying to find the Book of Mormon on
tape in Italian to give to her.

So, last Friday, we did weekly planning in the morning, as always.
It's always a LONG process, but worth it. We went and saw Sanela that
afternoon. We'd planned to do the word of wisdom, that's one of the
hardest things for Italians, but we ended up answering all of her
questions. We passed by a referral from the anziani and it was
a cute old lady, we set up a date to come back and see her.
She reaaaally wanted to pay for the Book of
Mormon we gave her and wouldn't believe us when we told her it was
free! That night there was a talent show. A member asked Sorella
Burgess and I to sing with her. We were with sick with pretty bad
colds, but I think it sounded okay.
We made pizza!

Saturday, we saw Monica, but just for about 10 minutes. That
afternoon, we saw Anna and then had correlation. We passed by
Alessandro and Maria that night and saw them. Maria is a simp we have
who just has to quit smoking. She's been in Serbia since I got here
and just got back so I was super excited to meet her.

Sunday, we biked by Sanela's house to pick her up for church and she
was waiting out front for us! She rode with us to church and was able
to stay the first two hours. We did a bunch of pass bys that night but
no one let us in.
There was a crowd of zombies in the centro one day...

We are so ready for the zombie apocalypse!

Monday, district meeting. We saw Sanela that afternoon. It was GREAT!
She said she felt so good after church the day before. She got her
son, who's nine, to read the restoration pamphlet to her and she said
she felt the spirit all day. We taught the word of wisdom and she said
she would agree to start cutting back her smoking and stop everything
else. She wants to be baptized and accepted the date we gave her.
She's so awesome! When her kids got home from school, her son, the
nine year old, Cristian, he said he liked the pamphlet he'd read with
his mom and was asking us questions about it, he said he wanted to
read the other ones we left with his mom. They're an awesome family!
We saw Sabrina that night, she's doing well. She's sick, so she's
going to be stuck in the house for a week on doctor's orders and won't
be able to come to church.

Tuesday, another day of pass bys. We saw one of the youth in the ward,
Veronica, she's awesome! We had FHE that night. There's a new convert
who's so awesome! He's in a wheelchair, and he lives like a 10 minute
bike ride from the church, but he always wheels himself there for

Today, we bought a pumpkin and carved it (well I wanted to carve it,
Sorella Burgess just kinda humored me:)). We also checked out a pretty
huge market. It's been kinda rainy, so we took it pretty easy.
I carved this, the little triangle was going to be the nose, but I decided it looked like a cute little mouth!

Well, that's my week! We're going to a baby shower for a German lady
in our ward today, she speaks English and they need us to translate.
That'll be fun! It's been a good week!
I hope you guys have a fantastic week! I love you!
Love, Kim

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