Saturday, November 21, 2015

I can officially say I made it to Venice! - November 11, 2015

Hey, Famiglia!

So looks like you all had a good week. Happy birthday shoutout to
Zach! Hope it was a good one!
Pictures of San Marino from last Wednesday

So, last Wednesday, we went and saw Sanela before English class. It was
good, she told us she's been watching a ton of Mormon messages after
we helped her download the gospel library app. We had English course.
It was good. They're a nice group of people.

Thursday, we saw Diva and Debora in the morning. Diva's less active
and her daughter Debora is a simp. They're sweet ladies but they just
talk the entire time we're there, it's hard to get a word in! Then we
had our scambio for the transfer! I went with Sorella Schoenhals to
the Mestre/Venice area! So cool! We saw a few people and one of our
appointments was in Venice, so I got to walk around a little bit there
and get a few pics. I can officially say I made it to Venice!
It was dark, so the pics aren't great, but it's Venice!

We switched back Friday morning, we saw Valeria and she's doing well. She always
tells us that she fits so well into this church and loves coming. She
just has to make the final leap but Italians like taking things slow.

Saturday, we got transfer news! I'll finally relieve your curiosity.
I'm staying here in Ravenna and Sorella Burgess is leaving. She's
bummed but I know she'll do great in her next city! My new comps name
is Sorella Bastian. I've met her in passing a couple of times and she
seems sweet, so I'm excited. This night, we saw Anna like normal and
then Sanela.
A canolo from the chocolate festival

Sunday, church! It was great! There's a German member, Ben, who just
moved here and doesn't speak a ton of Italian, and he was supposed to
give a talk, so we helped him translate it and prepare a little, he
was awesome! He spoke about reverence on Sunday, and even though he
struggled with the language, he was great, we felt the spirit. We had
lunch with a member, Meris and then saw a simp we've been trying to
see all transfer, Augustine. He and his wife investigate, but they
don't have a car and it's really hard for them to make it to church,
but they're really cool and he comes whenever be can. Then we saw
Valeria so Sorella Burgess could say goodbye.
With Meris

Monday, we had lunch with the O family, a member family,
they're great! Then we went with Marisol to Sorella A to do
visiting teaching. Then we went and saw Sanela. She didn't come to
church again on Sunday, so we kinda sat her down and explained the
importance of Sunday and coming to church. We went over the steps and
commits that are necessary before baptism and she agreed to commit
herself more. We're praying really hard for her! Hopefully, she'll be
able to make the date we've been working towards. That night we had
Paolo and Sabrina. They were really sad to say good bye to Sorella
Our district

Tuesday, we had a ton of appointments but they all canceled, bummer :(
but we also had FHE and a ton of people came to say goodbye to my comp
and Anziano Diego, who's also leaving. It was a lot of fun. The
branch is so good to us missionaries!

Today, we've just been running around doing stuff to get ready for
Sorella Burgess.

Well, it's been a good week. I'm excited for the next transfer, this
ones only going to be four weeks because if it was the full six it'd
end on Christmas Eve. So we're excited to get to business really

I love you guys, thanks for being so good to me!
Love, Sorella Snow

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