Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Today, we left the country! - November 4, 2015

Hey, Famiglia!
How are you all doing? I hope you all had a good week.

So, last Wednesday, there was a baby shower for a women in our ward.
It was super fun! The women who is pregnant is German and speaks some
English, so it was kinda crazy with all the languages flying around.

Last Thursday, we went and saw Sanela with the branch president.
She's really great. She's super ready for baptism, we've just gotta
teach her. Then we went and saw Maria, the investigator that just got
back from Serbia. She's really sweet.

Friday, we did finding in the morning. In the afternoon, we went with
Sorella Gresta to do visiting teaching with a member named
Gabriella. They're both super awesome ladies. Sorella Gresta is a
family search missionary. We passed by a simp that is new but we were
bidoned. That night, we were supposed to see just Valeria, but a
member invited her and some other members to dinner so we all went. It
was fun. She's really cool, She's been investigating for about 2 years,
people investigate for a loooong time here.

Saturday, Happy Halloween! Correlation in the morning. Then we did a
pass by. That afternoon we went to see Sanela. We read a little to her
and did a re pass of some of the stuff we've already taught to make
sure she understands. We saw Anna that night, she's cute, she always
tells us we don't annoy her which is her way of saying she likes us
(at least we hope :)). Then we weekly planned that night because we
figured no one would really want to see us Halloween night.

Sunday, church, Valeria and Sabrina were both there. We saw Ben and
his family that afternoon, they invited us over to have cake with
them. They're such a cute family! Then we did a ton of pas bys that
night, didn't get in anywhere.

Monday, we had district meeting in the morning. Then we went and had
lunch with a member and her two kids. It was a lot of fun, they're all
really sweet. We set up a family mission plan with them. Then we saw
Antonio and Marisol. We talked about the priesthood, which is always
kinda interesting because neither of us a is a priesthood holder. But
it was good. Marisol gave us the names of some more less active sisters
to try and get into contact with, so we're excited to do that. Then we
saw Sanela. She was looking for work on Sunday and didn't come to
church, so that's sad. But she's doing well and still progressing
towards baptism. Her son came and joined us for a little while because
it was a festa today and they didn't have school. Usually, we go when
he's at school because that's when Sanela prefers that we come, so no,
he doesn't usually sit in on lessons with us, but we want to ask
Sanela if she'd be okay with us teaching him as well. He's awesome. I
was explaining the Holy Ghost to him and he was like, woah! That's
just what I feel when I read the stuff you leave! That night, we saw
Sabrina and Paolo, like always. They're doing well. Sabrina said she's
been reading in the Book of Mormon.

Tuesday, a lot of pass bys. We had one set appointment in paesino (small village),
but the less active didn't show, so that was a bummer. Hopefully we'll
be able to get in contact with her. We passed by Maria. She's doing
well, she's super cute. Then we had FHE that's night. It was a lot of
fun! We have some amazing and supportive members here.

Today, we left the country! Technically. We went to San Marino, this
tiny little city on top of a mountain that is declared a country apart
from Italy. Weird... But it was cool. It was a beautiful little castle

Well, I think that's about it for me this week! I love you guys! Have
an awesome week!
Love, Sorella Snow

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