Monday, December 7, 2015

"I lost my greenie..." - November 25, 2015

Hey, Famiglia!

Its been a good week!

So, last Wednesday night, we had English class like normal and we had
to switch the classes around a bit because the new anziano doesn't
really speak English and couldn't teach a class by himself, so I ended
up with a new class and they're so fun!
A youth in the branch

Last Thursday, we had mutual and it was fun, there aren't a lot of
youth but they're all so awesome! That night we had branch counsel and
it was good. They're so focused on missionary work! They wanted to
make sure every simp was personally invited by a member to come to
stake conference this past Sunday and they want to establish a pattern
of going out on splits with us every week.
Sorelle Snow and Bastian

Friday, it was Sorella Bastian's birthday! So we wanted to do
something a little special for it for her and we found this pretty
nice restaurant,like it serves three courses status(but we're
economical, don't worry, it was cheap). Anywho, right after were
served our second course, we get a text from the anziani and Anziano
Olsen says" I lost my greenie...." So we called him and he tells us he
lost his greenie while they were biking and hour ago and can't find
him, so we call the waiter over and tell him we need to split and he
bagged up our chicken for us and we took off to go find Anziano
Marataro. Pretty soon, Olsen got a call from the office, apparently,
Anziano Marataro called his parents(!) because he didn't have any
mission numbers and they called the office and told them he was
waiting at the train station. Luckily he's Italian and could, you
know, speak the language, otherwise that could've turned out bad!
Anywho, that was crazy, after we went with Sorella Gentile to do
visiting teaching and then saw Sanela with Marisol. And after Ben and
his family invited us over for cake for Sorella Bastian's birthday, it
was way fun! Oh, also, we saw a less active sister in the morning and
it was such a good lesson! Last minute, we felt like we should share a
talk about a mom with her kids in sacrament meeting and how even
though they can be crazy and hard to control, it's worth it because
you want them to know they belong. Any who, it was perfect for her,
she loved it!

Saturday, we had correlation, went to the hospital to visit a member
who had a surgery, we had a session of stake conference that night and
then we saw Valeria. She's doing well, she's an amazing woman! Also,
it was pouring rain all Saturday! It was insane, we were soaked!

Sunday, we had stake conference, they did it over Skype, so we didn't
get to go to Firenze, which was a bummer, also because Livorno is in
the same stake and I would've loved to have seen some of them, oh
well. Augustine and Patience, two simps who have a hard time coming
were both able to make it with their two daughters, so that was super
exciting! We also saw the Tricarico family that night, they're really

Monday, we had district meeting, we have two anziani from a different
city in our district this transfer, so that's fun, to have some new
people. We saw Antonio and Marisol that afternoon. Then we went and
saw Maria and Alessandro. We challenged them to give up smoking and
drinking, respectively, for twenty four hours. They said they would
start Tuesday, we're going to go check tonight, so we're praying that
they're going strong!

Tuesday, we did splits with some members from the ward council. It was
great! They wanted to do straight on finding, so we went out and just
tried to stop people in the streets. We got some people to stop, so
hopefully we'll be able to meet with them again. The members were
great though, they were just so excited to go out with us! Actually,
at one point, the member I was with ran up to some random people and
gave them a flier and in English, they said they were members from
Utah! So that was kinda funny, the lady I was with didn't speak
English so she didn't understand for a minute that they were already
members and was trying to explain our church. It was fun. We had FHE
last night, it was great.

Well, family, it's been a good week! Thanks for your love and support,
I'm so grateful for you guys! Have an amazing thanksgiving tomorrow!
Love, Sorella Snow

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