Friday, July 31, 2015

It's really HOT here! - July 22, 2015

Buongiorno tutti!

Here it's been crazy as usual. Last Thursday, we saw Sorella Nav.
We ended up talking with her about genealogy. She's done a ton of her
family's and seriously loves it. (Kinda thought of Mom) Then later we
went and saw Sorella Car. We watched a video of Elder Holland
talking about the intro to the Book of Mormon. That night we went and saw the
Ner family. They are super awesome! They speak English as well as
Italian, so we kinda spoke a strange mixture of both, but it made
sense in my head.
Our zone

Friday, we had our zone training in the morning in Pisa and then we
had to hightail it back to Livorno to eat lunch really quick and then
begin our scambio.
Sorelle Snow & Ince

I stayed in Livorno with Sorella Ince and Sorella
Harris went to Prato with Sorella Welch. We went and saw Sorella
Nac and we talked about the talk from last conference, "Is It
Still Marvelous to You?" Sorella Nac is always super fun. Then we
went to a member family because they had a referral they wanted us to
meet. The Fratello said we overcame the first obstacle of getting her
to say she'd come, but we couldn't overcome the second obstacle of her
actually showing up. In other words, it was a bidone. Afterwards, we
went out to go finding, but my bike chain fell off and then as we
walked home, pushing the bikes, I twisted my ankle. Not fun. So then
we hobbled home.

Saturday, in the morning, we went to take my bike in to get the chain
put back on. We couldn't do it ourselves because it has a chain guard
around it. Nice for keeping your skirt from getting caught, but a pain
when you have to do any repairs. Then in the afternoon we switched
back, but of course it wouldn't be a complete scambio without some
sort of train problem! So while we were on our way to Prato, I guess
there was a fire on some tracks somewhere and our train got canceled.
Luckily we made it there only an hour late but then our train back was
delayed a half an hour. We were pretty happy to make it home!

Sunday, church! There were plenty of tourists this week, so our
sacrament meeting was nice and full. It was good though, one of our
new converts came and a less active person we're meeting with. Then we
were finally able to do weekly planning!

Monday, we had district meeting. We talked about sanctity of Sunday
because of the huge push for it that the church is doing. It's super
important and a thing saints kinda struggle with here, so I'm really
grateful for it. Then that night we taught Sorella Esp. She was
super fun! Also, when we got there, there was a returned missionary who
I served with in Torino who was there! So that was weird to see him
for a minute! But yeah, Sorella Esp was really cool and we're
going to go see her again Saturday!

Today was pretty busy! We saw Sorella Caro in the morning and shared
a message with her. She was super sweet. Then we did a few pass-bys.
We saw Sorella Car again that afternoon and then we went and saw
L an ex simp. She stopped investigating but asked us to come see
her today. She's nice but still has no desire to commit herself to
actually investigating. And then, we had English class. That's always
fun and it helps us learn a lot too! Also, one of the people from
English class had been gone for a week because he'd gone to Sicily,
but he brought us back some souvenirs! He got us some Sicily magnets!
So, I guess I don't need to go there after all! Scherzo!

Anywho, today, we went to San Gimignano. It's this castle city that's
outside of Siena. It was really pretty. We just basically walked
around it and got some gelato from a gelateria that has won a few
awards for world's best gelato. It was fun. But man are we tired! It's
really HOT here and the humidity is often above 80, but it sounds like
you guys understand what that's like!
San Gimignano is a small walled medieval hill town in the province of Siena, Tuscany

Panoramic view of San Gimignano

Anywho, I love you guys! Thanks for the love and support and for being
such examples to me! Have a great week!

Love, Sorella Snow

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