Friday, July 31, 2015

Another Week! - July 1, 2015

Ciao, tutti! Come state?!?

So this week has been pretty crazy! It just seems like this transfer
has seriously flown by. We get our transfer calls this Saturday (plus
it's Fourth of July!)

Last Thursday, we visited a sister in the ward who had a surgery this
week. It was pretty fun, there was that sister and two other Italian
ladies who were joking around and crazy with hand gestures. The sister
had the surgery for her eyes and she was joking about how now that she
can see, she sees how ugly everyone in the ward has become since she
went blind. They're all a hoot. Also, we had a member come over to fix
this drain out on our balcony that had clogged and our balcony was
flooded. We spent all of Wednesday night waking up and dumping filled
buckets of water every two hours because the drain was clogged. So we
were pretty relieved to get that fixed! Then we saw Viviana and her
mom. It was a pretty crazy day.

Friday, we saw Sorella Nav in the morning and then did our weekly
planning. We also helped Federica make some treats for members in our
ward who had lost a family member. Then that night we went out to a
fish dinner with her. I thought it was pretty gross, but Sorella
McMurray and Federica assure me it was pretty good.

Saturday, we saw Brother and Sister Mas. They're a super cute
married couple we had a really good lesson with them.

Sunday, we had church and it was good! I love our members here, they
are seriously awesome!

Monday, we had district meeting and then saw Azzura and Giacomo.
They're always super fun to see. We also went to this cool fortress
that's built in the middle of the canal with Azzura and Giacomo, so
that was really cool!

Fortezza Nuova in Livorno

Yesterday, we saw Sorella Ani and Sorella Car and Sorella
Arm, so it was a pretty hectic day! We also had English course
that night. That was fun! The people who come to our class are super

Today, we've taken it easy so far. We did some window shopping and
have hung around town. We're kinda tired out after all the running
around we did this week.
Sorelle Snow & McMurray with a new convert

Anywho, everything's good here! Thanks for the love and support. I
love you all!
Love, Kim

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