Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Fourth of July - July 7, 2015

Ciao famiglia!

Hey, so transfer news! I'm staying in Livorno but Sorella McMurray is
leaving. She's going to Trieste and someone called Sorella Harris is
coming here. Kinda surprising. There were a ton of missionaries who
went home this transfer and not a lot who came in, so there were a ton
of changes all over the mission.

So last week! Last Thursday, we had an electrician come to fix our ac
unit. It's been blowing out hot air and our apartment has been about
ninety degrees. But he fixed it up so it's not doing that anymore and
later this week he should come fix the actual ac and we'll have air
conditioning! So we're pretty psyched about that!

Friday, we saw V again. She's doing well, she just needs to find
the motivation to come to church. Then we saw Sorella Nav. She's
super cute. She showed us all of her artwork. She's actually pretty

Saturday, Happy Fourth of July! We tried to get all fancy. We made
hamburgers and carved out a watermelon and put a fruit salad inside of
it. We made peach cobbler and homemade beans, it was pretty crazy! We
had a really fun time doing all of that. We also got our transfer
calls that day.

I kinda skewered my finger while cutting something!  Sorella McMurray patched it up!

Got red, white and blue covered for the 4th!
Playing with ribbons from some poppers we exploded for the Fourth of July


Sunday, we had church, it was a really good fast and testimony
meeting. We also had district meeting that night because we were going
to have an appointment the next morning. It was a fun one, the anziani
brought some homemade pizza and we brought the rest of our cobbler and
gelato. Both the anziani are staying here next transfer also.

Monday, we saw Sorella Fra. She's from America and speaks English
so it's always fun to go see her. Then we went and saw Sorella
Ani. She's such a sweet lady! While we were there she suddenly
asked us if we wanted to see the ocean, so she piled us in her car and
we took off to drive a little along the coast and check out the view.
It was beautiful, plus we had the windows down and air blowing through
our hair, so it was super fun! Then we went home so Sorella McMurray
could pack some more.

Today, we took it easy. We packed, we did a little shopping. We're
going to go see some more people Sorella McMurray needs to say goodbye
to and then we'll have English.

Well, it's been a pretty crazy week, and this next one's gonna be
pretty long! Our pday will be moved back to Wednesday.
I love you guys! Have an awesome week and enjoy your next vacation ;)
Love, Sorella Snow

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