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Italian ladies talk A LOT! - July 15, 2015

Ciao Famiglia!
Sorella Harris is great! She's super sweet. She's been out 6 months
and just came from Montevarchi, a super small city, so she thinks
Livorno is huge, which I think is funny cause I've been in Milano
and Torino!

So! This was a kinda long week! We had our transfer day on Wednesday
and we went to Firenze where I dropped off Sorella McMurray and picked
up Sorella Harris and then we came back to good old Livorno. That
first day we just kinda went around and I showed her the church and the
city. Her last area was a branch and they didn't even have a church
building, so she was pretty excited to see it!

Thursday! We were supposed to have correlation with our ward mission
leader but he had to bail at the last second, so we helped out
cleaning the church instead. We also went to a funeral that afternoon
for someone in the ward who'd died. Then we went and saw Sorella
San.  She was super cute and really happy to have us. Plus, her
balcony is huge! It wraps around three sides of her apartment and it's
all covered in plants, it was super beautiful. That night we went down
to the terrazza on the sea and we got some gelato and then watched the
sun set, it was pretty beautiful!

Beautiful sunset in beautiful Livorno!

Friday, we saw Sorella Nav in the morning. She's an amazing
woman, super strong. Sorella McMurray and I didn't get a chance to go
see her before she left, so Sorella Nav was joking about how evil
she was for not saying goodbye. Then we came home and did half of our
weekly planning. Then we had Sorella Nac. She's super cute too. We
watched a Mormon message.

Saturday, we finished the second half of our weekly planning in the
morning, and while we did it, we made some ragu for a lasagna. Then we
threw that together for was pretty good, if I did say so
myself! We also fasted that day for a person we're working with.
The park next to our house used to be a zoo

Another beautiful sunset on Saturday night

We had church on Sunday, of course. It was good. One awesome thing
about having a new companion is that you can tell them to go talk with
specific people and ask them their names. So, we found out the names
of a ton of people that Sorella McMurray and I were sneakily trying to
learn last transfer!

On Monday, we didn't have district meeting because we're going to have
zone conference this week. But we all had to go to the church still to
use the Internet there and turn in our numbers for the week, so it was
kinda like we still had it.... Then we saw a sister that night. Man
I've gotta tell you, Italian ladies talk A LOT. It's kinda hard to get
a word in at times.

Tuesday, well, our air conditioning guy was supposed to come and fix
that, but he didn't end up making it, so that was kinda frustrating (no
worries he came this morning!) So, originally, our house was like 90+
degrees inside, now it's freezing. It's still that hot outside, but
come in our apartment and you'll find Sorella Harris wearing
sweatpants and a sweatshirt. It's kinda funny.
Then we were supposed to go see Sorella Nac again, but when we
pulled up in front of her house, there was some kind of demonstration
going on with tons of police officers there and cameras and angry
shouting people, so we thought it best to avoid that, so we
rescheduled with her. Then we had English class. It was fun, we had
two new people come this week. It was really good actually, and it
helps us with Italian too cause we can ask them questions about how
they would say something.

Today, we are going to Pisa and Lucca! It's gonna probably be a long
day, but we're excited for it!
The tower in Pisa

One of the many churches in Lucca, San Michele in Foro. 
Lucca is called "The City of 100 Churches"

A garden on top of a tower in Lucca

Anywho, it's been a loooong but good week! I love you guys a ton! Have
an amazing week!
Love, Sorella Snow

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