Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Win Win! - July 29, 2015

Ciao, famiglia!

How are you guys all doing? Hope it was a good week! So, questions!
Yeah, when we go anywhere outside of Livorno we take a train. When we
went to San Gimignano it took an hour and 45 minutes to get to a city
named Poggibonsi and then we took a twenty minute bus ride to get to
San Gimignano. So yeah, it takes awhile! We left at seven in the
morning for that one! Pisa just takes 20 minutes.

So, last Thursday, we saw Viviana. We haven't been able to see or even
talk with her in awhile, so she didn't even know that Sorella McMurray
had left. So Sorella Harris got to finally meet her. She's really

Friday, we did weekly planning and it was good. I've realized that
when we do weekly planning and actually do a good job, the rest of our
week is so much easier as opposed to when we don't have time and just
rush through it. Then we saw Sorella Car again. She's doing well.
We're still meeting with her about two times a week.   Then we saw
Sorella I, an active member. She's really sweet. She just got called to be
in the Relief Society presidency here and she's super excited to serve.

Saturday, we saw Sorella Nav in the morning. It was awesome. I
seriously love her, she's so funny and has such an amazing testimony
and even with all the difficulties she's passing through right now,
she knows everything's gonna turn out all right.

Sunday, we had church! It was good. I'm getting pretty proud of myself
because I can sit in sacrament meeting and name just about everyone in
the ward, including most of the kids. We're establishing really good
relationships with members and I know it'll really bless the work.

Monday! We had district meeting, as usual. That afternoon we saw
Sorella Car again. She's doing a lot better now, her arm is out of
her cast from her broken clavicle and she's moving around a lot more.

Tuesday, we were supposed to help someone in the ward with English in
the morning, but we got a bidone, so that's always frustrating. So we
instead spent the morning trying to find Decathlon, a super cheap
sporting goods store because the brakes on my bike need to be replaced
and we also need new helmets. That ended taking us HOURS. But that was
the only place we could go. Everywhere else was asking for 100+ euro
for helmets (because Italians don't ever wear them so they only have
in stock the expensive nice ones for serious bikers). So that was
frustrating, but we did it! Then we saw Sorella Nac that night.
She's so awesome and so sweet! I love seeing her. We talked about the
sacrament. We're super excited for next Sunday when church will start
with that meeting. Then we had English class. We have four people
regularly coming right now and they're all super awesome so it's
really fun. It helps us learn a ton of non gospel related vocabulary as
well, so it's a win win! (Name that movie!)

Well, it's been a long but good week! I'm glad you guys made it home
safe and that you had such a good trip! I love you! Have a great week!
Love, Sorella Snow

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