Saturday, June 27, 2015

Now we feel super Italian - June 24, 2015

Buongiorno tutti!

Wow! Sounds like you all had a crazy week! Okay, so answers to
questions. Yeah our STLs are based out of Prato. They cover the Sorelle
in Firenze, Pisa, Siena, Montevarchi, and Livorno (I think that's
all). So they're pretty busy, they have to do exchanges every week!

So, last Thursday, we got to see Stella again! It's been a really long
time since we've been able to see her (she's had to work a ton) so we
were super excited to get in contact with her. She's a seriously
amazing woman and honestly has a heart of gold. Unfortunately, we
don't know how long it'll be until we can see her again. We also saw
Sorella N again and we got her to read a little bit of the Book
of Mormon in Dutch to us (is that the language from Holland, I don't
remember... It's called Holandese in Italian).

Friday, we saw Sorella D in the morning. She's really
cool. She told us her conversion story and subsequent inactivity and
then reactivation. Then we saw Sorella B and then our new
convert Federica.

We found this super crazy flower...

...and a wasp nest next to it!

Sunday, we were supposed to have a ward lunch, but I guess most of the
ward forgot about it, so we all went over to a member's house instead.
It was us, this member and his family and Federica, and the anziani's
new convert Jim. It was still a ton of fun!

Monday, we had district meeting and then we saw Sorella C again.
We talked with her about the prophecy in the Book of Mormon about
Joseph of Egypt predicting the birth of Joseph Smith.

Tuesday, we saw Azzura, our other new convert and her boyfriend
Giacomo, they are super cool and we went with them to get a gelato.
It's been awhile since we were able to see her too. So we were really
happy to be able to. Then we saw Sorella N. We watched the video
about Esther with her and it was a really good lesson. During it, we
were talking about courage and how it doesn't mean you're not
afraid, and right then this huge way flies in the window and we also
starting screaming and trying to hit it or shoo it out the window, so
that was kind funny, that that happened right when we were talking
about courage! Then we saw Federica again and then we went to English
class, which was really good this week. The group we have speaks
pretty well, so we can do a lot of conversation and it's fun. Oh also!
So we live across the street from a Catholic Church and last night we
saw them doing this weird march and chant around the neighborhood. They
were pulling around this boat on wheels with a huge picture of Gesù on
it with a million candles... Kinda cool, but also kinda creepy at 10
o'clock at night...

Today, we went shopping in the markets for fruit and it was super
intimidating, there were tons of people running around and going crazy,
but we faced our fears and did it,and now we feel super Italian :)
Then we did some more grocery shopping and we actually took a nap
today, cause we were super exhausted. So yeah, that was our week!

Any who, thanks for the emails this week! You guys are seriously the
best and I appreciate all the love and support!  I hope y'all have an
amazing week!

Sorella Snow

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