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We got...iPads!- May20, 2015

Ciao, tutti!

Hey, everyone! 
So answers to questions. Doing Area book is when we update the schedas (the records of what we've taught our people) and go through lists of ex simps and call them or just all around organize the ward list/try and track down less active people we don't know. Just a lot of paperwork that needs to be done, but often missionaries forget or don't do it, so you often have to go back and update old info that hasn't been kept up. Spesa is just our grocery shopping for the week, that's the Italian word and that's just what we always call it :). What impressed me from the Bednar conference is how he kept on talking about how we are agents. We make every single choice and we can't be forced into anything because we are not just objects to be acted upon. 

So, last p day we went to Pisa finally! It was absolutely gorgeous! You always see pictures of the leaning tower, but it's totally different to get there and walk around the corner and see it. It really leans! I promise!
This is the outside of the baptistery at Pisa.

This is inside from the top looking down at the font.

The Medici seal

"I had to do the holding the tower shot!"

That night we went to church for FHE but it was apparently canceled and we weren't told, so that was kinda frustrating, because we were all waiting for people to show up and they didn't. Ahh, well. We go on. 

Thursday, we saw Sorella B and it was a good lesson with her, she's such a sweetheart! We also had district meeting because we were unable to do it last Monday, so that was fun! We have a really awesome district, so I love DM.

Friday, we saw Sorella N....o, a member. She's super awesome. Really funny! She was telling us a ton of stories. She has a beautiful testimony and will get to go the temple soon, so she's really excited for that! That afternoon we saw the N....a family. They have four super cute kids! It was so much fun! Their daughter was just baptized a while ago, so we are giving her the after baptism lessons. The youngest girl was doing a fashion show of her princess dresses and her little brother wanted to show off his superman costume, so they were just basically adorable! 

Saturday we saw Stella and she told us she would come to church, so we were psyched, but she unfortunately hurt herself pretty badly that night, so she was unable to come. But she's doing better so we hope for next week! 

Sunday we saw A and had a good lesson with her. Church was really good also. I love the members in the ward here! They are seriously all amazing! 

Monday, we had Zone Training and we talked about a ton of stuff, such as Sabbath observance. The stakes here are going to do a huge push in the next month or so for Sabbath observance, because it's a bit of a problem here. I'm excited for that, because it's really important! We also got some rules for the iPads! And the actual iPads! We're pretty excited! We can't do much yet, we still have to do some trainings for them, but we're finally starting the process, so we're super happy.
Our zone

"New iPads!"
Piazza di Palio (I think)

Yesterday, we saw S again and had a good lesson with her about the priestdhood. We shared an awesome talk from the April 2014 conference called the Keys and Authority of the Priesthood. Then we saw Sorella B and talked with her about genealogy (aren't you proud mom?!?) Then we had to run home because our senior couple was coming to fix/replace our broken beds (it used to be an anziano :)) Then we had English Course. I had to teach cause the teacher was gone. It was intense. They were asking in depth questions about the diffferent form of the future tense. I had no clue.... I just speak it.

Today, we went to Siena and it was AMAZING! The duomo there was honestly the prettiest  I've seen so far (at least the inside). It's a long trip though, so we got back kinda late and I don't have a ton of email time. So I'll send pics next week (also of Pisa!) I promise!

The streets of Siena
The duomo of Siena.  "I just don't know how to describe the beauty of this duomo!"

The steps up to the duomo

The signs of the different villages of Sienna.

Add caption

"There were images like this EVERYWHERE on the floors."

The ceiling of the library room

Library inside the duomo

"That's a big book!"

Anyways, sorry, this was kinda hurried. I love you guys so much and I'm so happy that I get to be here and share the gospel! Vi voglio tantissimo bene! 

Love, Sorella snow 

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