Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sent from my iPad - May 27, 2015

Hey everyone! Hope you all had an awesome week!

Okay, answers to questions! We can go anywhere in the zone for pdays,
it can just be rough with travel time, cause you can end up losing
half of your time on traveling. I think Siena is a part of the
Florence stake and yeah it's the lowest point of our mission. There's
apparently a TON to do in Siena but we didn't really get the chance to
do much. But it is a major tourist spot because of how beautiful it
is. We took the train down there and the scenery was seriously
gorgeous. Yeah it's a part of Tuscany, so if you picture the
stereotypical Tuscan countryside, that's what we were driving past.

Wow, so it has once again been an insane week! Last Thursday, we were
supposed to go to Prato to do a scambio with our STL there, but on
the way there, the train driver announced that our train couldn't make
it past Firenze because there was a gas leak on the tracks or
something, so we had to turn around and make our way home. That ended
up taking us most of the day, so it was kinda frustrating.

Friday, we spent most of the day preparing for our talent show that
was taking place that night. We also did weekly planning and a lot of
calls. The talent show that night was pretty awesome! One of the
anziani in our district is going to be a rockstar when he gets home,
so he performed some of his original songs for us and they were
reeeeally good. We sang a song from Mulan (Sorella Kras and I) and a
ton of the little kids in the ward performed so it was really fun!

Saturday,we saw Stella again. We talked about the My Family booklets
and how families can be forever. It was a really good lesson. We also
got transfer calls that day. Sorella Kras is being transferred to
Lugano in Switzerland and I'm staying here in Livorno and Sorella
McMurray will be coming. I'm sad Sorella Kras has to go but I'm really
excited to stay here in Livorno.

Sunday we had church and we tried to see the people Sorella Kras
wanted to meet before she goes to Lugano.

Monday, we saw our simp Anna Rita and it was a good lesson. She has a
ton of faith and is really open to discussing with us. Sorella Kras
also had to start packing and we starting getting the apartment ready
for transfers.
"Our district.  I missed the memo that we weren't supposed to smile."

Yesterday, we saw Azzura and Giacomo. We went and got a gelato with
them and did a lesson while we ate. They are seriously really
awesome people. Honestly so nice and generous.
With Giacomo and Azzura

Then we saw the P family that night. They're new converts who are preparing to go to the
temple. They have one daughter who is five and another who is sixteen
and didn't get baptized with her parents. They are seriously amazing
and they were really sad to have to say goodbye to Sorella Kras. But
it was a awesome appointment.

Today, so far we've just cleaned the house and did spesa. Sorella Kras
still has to pack a little, so we'll see if we have time to do
anything else later today.

Well, I think that's about all for me this week. I love you all lots
and I hope you have a fantastic week!

Love, Sorella Snow

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