Saturday, June 27, 2015

Grateful for Seminary & Book of Mormon classes - June 10, 2015

Hey guys! So glad to hear everything's going well. It's kinda funny
you mentioned the drought, that's what everyone here mentions when I
tell them I'm from California.

Anywho, the work here is going well. It's still a bit slow, we're
having a hard time finding new simps to work with, but the people we
have are really awesome! I actually haven't heard too much from people
in my old areas. One girl from Milano emailed me a few weeks ago,
that was fun, she's super cute.

So, last Thursday we did some pass bys and that night we saw Sorella
B. She's always super cute. She told us we need to eat more
and have lots of meat. She's always trying to take care of us, it's
pretty adorable. :)

Friday, we did planning in the morning and tried to get more
organized. We're trying to see all the members in the ward to set up
family mission plans, so we were trying to choose people who need to
be seen and find out who is who. Then we saw Sorella C again. She
wanted us to explain Lehi's dream, so we drew a little diagram. I've
never been so grateful for all of my seminary and Book of Mormon
classes as I have been on the mission, shout out to Mom for getting me
there ;) . Then we saw G. She's super cute but we were only
able to be there for a few minutes because she started feeling sick
and asked us to go... But we left her with a Book of Mormon and
committed her to read it.

Saturday, we did more pass bys of names on the ward list, and we found
one lady who let us in. She's a member but hasn't come to church
or been visited by the missionaries in years, so hopefully we'll be
able to start seeing her. Then there was a Saturday night session for
our stake conference! It was good.

Sunday, we had our stake conference in Firenze! It was fun, but we had
to get up and leave early to make it there in time. There were a TON
of missionaries there so it was pretty fun to see them all. Sorella
Skinner from my MTC group is now in Firenze and Sorella Pavich, also
from my group is now in Pisa. It was a really good conference even
though it was pretty hot in Firenze.

Monday, we saw A- R- again and we had a good lesson with her, but
it was really crazy,cause we teach her at her work, so she had phone
calls and people coming in the entire time.

Tuesday, we saw M again. She's this super cute lady. Her son and
daughter in law are members and Mira has a ton of the same beliefs as
the church, she just doesn't realize it yet. But it was a really good
lesson with her.  Then we had English course. This was the last week
with assigned teachers, so next week we'll have to start doing it all
ourselves, but that's how it is in most cities, so we're pretty used
to that.

Today, we went to Pisa. We met up with Sorelle Bradshaw and Pavich. It
was super fun! We saw the tower and then got some pizza and gelato
together. They are really cool so hopefully we'll do some more pdays
together in the future :)
The duomo in Pisa

This time...licking the tower shot
This pizza place was sooooo good!

Horrendous watch tan

Comparing watch tans

Well, I love you guys a ton! Thanks for the emails and the love. Hope
you all have a great week!
Love, Sorella Snow

P.S.  As I was typing this email, on a train, a man jumped through the
window of the moving train to get on, it was super dramatic.

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