Friday, May 15, 2015

Some exciting news - May 13, 2015

Ciao, tutti!

Wow, it was super awesome getting to see you all last Sunday! I'm glad everything's going well! 

So, last Thursday, we had correlation with our WML (ward mission leader) and that night we taught his son again. It was fun, they are a really cool family. They taught me how to do the cup song, so now I'm basically a pro! 
"Allesandro, the little boy we're teaching, he kinda reminds me of Mas..."

Friday, we saw Stella again and it was a good lesson. We also got some gelato afterwards because she lives  close to a gelateria that's pretty good. It's called La Mela Stregata. 

Saturday, we had to do a lot of area book work, and since we were at home for that, we made a lasagna! Not quite as good as yours mom, but we're just beginners :) We'll just have to keep practicing! 
"We made lasagna!"

"More lasagna!  Don't worry, I didn't actually eat that whole piece!"
"My comp stole my camera!"
Sunday, we had church and a member invited us to go to a little Mother's Day lunch she was having with her family afterwards. She has some kids who aren't really active, so she wanted us to meet them. They were all really cool and sweet. It was a really fun time! We hope we'll be able to see them all again real soon. Then we got to do skype! It was super awesome and I'm really glad we all got to see each other. The anziani said that after meeting you guys for 2 minutes, they could tell that we're all from the same family, they thought you were all hilarious. 

Monday, we got to see Mira, her son's a member and lives in America so she knows some of the members in the ward here and they sent us to find her. She was super sweet. She has a super strong testimony in the Lord and is willing to meet with us again, so, we're really excited to start working with her. 

Tuesday, we went to see Stella again and it was a really good appointment, she has a lot of faith. That night we also had the English course and 2 nonmembers who we had invited showed up! So we were really excited about that! 
"So they have lots of odd shaped past here, so this one reminds me of Pleakly, the alien from Lilo and Stitch"

Today, we haven't done much yet, just spesa and cleaning, but we hope to go to Pisa this afternoon! 

Well, I love you guys and I'm so grateful for your support! I hope you have an amazing week! Love, Kim
P.S. Email
...some exciting news! We got the email today telling us we'll receive ipads next Monday! We're pretty stoked to use them in the work! 
I love you guys! Thanks for all of the email, love and support. Have a great week! 

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