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Ciao Tutti! (Hello Everyone!) - January 21, 2015

Ciao, Tutti! 

Okay, so answers! The simp who came to the baptism and to church and who speaks Spanish, and who a member brought to church the first week, are all one and the same! Her name is M--. She's also the simp that Sorella Carter mentioned, but we didn't meet her on a bus, we just helped her get home on a bus once. She's super awesome and I'll mentioned her again a little later! :)

So, last P-day, we went to the Duomo once again! We've gone a lot this transfer because the Duomo has three different zones going out from it, so if we go there, we can meet up with missionaries from all these different zones and hang with them. So that was fun! That night we went and saw a less active family. They're all girls and super fun, so we always love to se them. 

Thursday, our appointments canceled, so we ended up getting a little bit of organzing done! We cleaned out our storage closet and found like 50 copies of the Book of Mormon in random languages, such as Chinese, Swahili, and so on. It's because so many people immigrate here to Italy. A lot of Africans, South Americans, Filipinos and other random countries, so during the mission, everyone ends up teaching a super random assortment of people. Then that night we had English course! 

Friday, we saw M again! She is just so awesome and ready to have the gospel in her life! We finally were able to teach her the entire first lesson and it was really good! We had Spanish resto pamphlets and since I took Spanish for so long, I was able to read from them to her pretty easily! We're trying to throw in any Spanish we know when we teach her because it really helps her a lot in understanding! We also tried to set a bap date with her, but she said she wants to wait until March when her son will be here. She said she wants him to get baptized with her (hopefully, he'll want to as well!).  But, she's super brava! Then right after that lesson, we caught a train to Muggiò to do a scambio with them! I was with Sorella Carducci, who is in her first transfer! She's super cool! We came back to Milano and I was with her until Saturday night. 

Saturday morning we went and passed by a less active member, H, who I hadn't seen this entire transfer. We'd been trying to call her but she hadn't answered. So we went by and she was super happy to see us and promised to come to church the next day (which she did!) and I was just really happy to be able to see that everything's okay and that she's been doing all right. She's a really awesome lady and I know she sees the Lord in her life, she just needs to come to church! 

That afternoon we got transfer calls (you're right, this week is transfer week). My new collega's name is Sorella Nedelkov (think that's how it's spelled). She was Sorella Carter's last comp in Trieste. She'll be coming Friday. Sorella Carter takes off Thrusday :( and I'll be here in Lampugnano for a day with a different Sorella named Sorella Salmon until my new collega can come on Friday. 

Sunday, we went to our ward mission leader's home for lunch and then to another less active member's house for dinner! Both were really fun, and of course it was good eating! But man, two Italian meals in a day, I was so full! 

Monday night we saw a member family, P and W. They are South American and seriously amazing! They have super forte testimonies and I just admire them! They're coming to Utah in April for a week if you all want to go speak Spanish with them :) JK! 
Enjoying some great South American food

Tuesday, we had family home evening and Sorella Carter's last appointment with M. We started off the Plan of Salvation and she seems to like what we're saying so far. We'll get to the rest of it next Friday when we see her again! She's really amazing, and I just love seeing her! I'm really grateful that I took Spanish in high school, because it's helping in the lessons. But we really need to use the members in the ward who speak Spanish, because they'll be a huge asset in making sure she understands! 

Anywho, that was our week! We're planning on taking it kinda easy today, because the next couple of days are going to be pretty hectic for both Sorella Carter and I! 

I love you all so much and I'm excited for another transfer of serving here! Have an awesome week! Ci sentiamo! 
Sorella Snow 

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