Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Loving the work - January 28, 2015

Hey, family! 

So, really quick answers! Yeah, I was kinda in charge when I was with Sorella Carducci, she's still learning the language and I had the experience with the city. I was kinda leading the lessons. I feel the Italian really started to come in the last few weeks. I'm not so overwhelmed and I can understand most everything, I'm just still working on random vocab. I can carry on a full gospel conversation but ordering pizza is a little difficult. But, I defintely know enough to get by. Sorella Nedelkov is cool. She's from Utah and she's been out here in the field for 7 months, so only two transfers before me. She already speaks the language really well, so that's a relief! It helps me to learn a lot better.

So, last Thursday, I had to kill Sorella Carter :(. It was super sad, but, as we always say, there is life after death! I'll see her again! Then I was with Sorella Salmond for a day here in Lampugnano. Our new comps were stuck in Verona doing Permesso stuff, so we were together for a day. She had this potential simp that she had met and who had by chance met a few other coppie of missionaries, so we went and met her during that day. It was cool. Hopefully we'll be able to see her again. 

Friday, we went and had a few lessons. We saw a less active family, a less active single lady, and M! M has been saying lately that she really has the desire to be baptized and that she knows she has to do it! Her son is coming soon, but M wants to wait until June to be baptized. We want to show her how important it is to do it as soon as possible so that she can have the Holy Ghost with her always. We're meeting with her on Friday. We're super excited! Also, that day we went to the station and picked up our new comps! I got to see Sorella Rincon, who's from my MTC group, so that was pretty cool. Then Sorella Nedelkov and I ran to an appointment. It was a pretty hectic day.

We saw L on Saturday (it was her birthday!) and had a really good appointment with her! She's so sweet and has the most amazing testimony. 

Tuesday we  saw M again, which was awesome. We explained the Plan of Salvation and she loved it. We used the little analogy of the sun, moon and star, and she thought it was the smartest thing ever. It was pretty cool. She said she wants to go the celestial kingdom. She just has so much faith. She accepts everything we've taught so far. She's a really amazing woman! We also had FHE on Tuesday and we played missionary tag. It was super fun! 

I'm super excited to start another transfer here in this awsome city that I love. I'm loving the work and I love learning how to see little miracles every day. 

It's been awesome hearing from you this week! Thanks for the talk excerts, Mom and Dad, they were really nice :)

I hope that you all have a spectacular week! I love you!
Love, Sorella Snow 

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