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Little miracles everyday - January 14, 2015


So, questions! The Sorella that got hit by a car  was actually new, it was only like her 3rd week here! She was on her bike and I think she got hit while crossing in an intersection. Poor thing, but she was still super positive!

Meeting some other sorelle at the Duomo
 So it's been another crazy week here! Last P-day we met up with a few Sorelle in Milano and it was super fun! Afterwards, I went with Sorella Welch to Bergamo for a scambio! (I asked Sorella Welch what the name of that little city is, the one up in the mountains that I went to on my last scambio in Bergamo, and it's called Selvino,so there you go, Mom :)) That night we met with a lady from their ward and she was super brava. She had these two grandsons that were adorable, the older one really wanted to make us hot chocolate, so I told him he could, but it exploded three times in the microwave before he actually got me a cup, it was pretty funny. The next day I spent most of it in Bergamo and then we switched back and I returned to Milan.

Friday, was amazing! We met a potential for the first time on Friday afternoon! She was so sweet! She speaks almost all Spanish, so there's a bit of a language barrier, but the gift of tongues is real and we were able to at least communicate! But, this woman is so prepared and ready to hear the gospel, she really loved what we were teaching and we read a passage from the Book of Mormon and she said it makes more sense to her than the Bible. We are so excited to work with her! 

Saturday, the Anziani and Sorelle from Busto came over to our chapel because they had three baptisms! It was really cool to see! Our new simp actually came to watch! She said the baptisms were beautiful and met with us for  a little bit after so we could explain the scriptures that the bishop had read during the program. 
Picture taken in reflecting mirror of the baptism font
Sunday, our new simp came to church again! We had met her in church last week because her member friend had brought her, but this week she came alone! After we had all gone home, she called us to ask if we could meet earlier during the week also (we have an appointment for Friday), and Sorella Carter joked that we won't have to worry about making daily contact with her because she's doing it for us! 

Monday, I had another scmabio in Bergamo, this time with Sorella Gluck. It was cool, Bergamo is so beautiful and the work is really exploding there! We got to meet with one of their new converts that was just baptized last Saturday and it was amazing, to see how happy she was. I was in Bergamo until Tuesday when we switched back. I'm so grateful that I get these experiences to see the other cities and other sorelle.

It's been a really good week! It's impossible to explain all of the little miracles that we see every day! I'm just so happy to be here and to have the chance to get the know these people. It also helps that I can actually kinda understand them now :) 

I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week! 

Love, Sorella Snow 

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