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I'm loving the people here in Livorno - April 29, 2015

Hey, everyone! 

Okay, so answers to questions! We slept over in Florence on Monday night after the Bednar conference because it was going to be too long of a trip for us to try and get all the way home that night. The bikes are going good, and my skirt hasn't even been caught yet. Sorella Kras has holes in her skirts from all the times they've been caught. :) The buses aren't great here, so that's why we use the bikes, plus our area isn't that huge. It was the first ward conference here in Livorno because they were just barely organized into a ward before being a branch, so they're all pretty happy about it. So far, I've seen mostly Italians in the ward, a few South Americans, and there's a few Americans. 

So, last Wednesday, we didn't do much because Sorella Kras's bike was broken, we took it in to get fixed, but had to wait till the next morning to get it, so we walked A LOT. We had Ward Council that night also. 

Thursday, We picked up our bikes in the morning (man was I happy to have it back) and then we had lunch with a member in or ward. It was really fun, she's American but has lived in Italy a long time. Then we saw Sorella B again that afternoon, she's super cute! She showed us all her family pictures and made us take some chocolate home with us. Then we had FHE (which included a dinner). 

Friday, we had to do our shopping because we couldn't do it Wednesday without our bikes (yes, we do shopping on bikes, riding home we have huge shopping bags dangling from our handle bars and we're trying to not let them hit us :)) That afternoon we saw Azzura, a new convert. She's about our age and she's super sweet. She also loves Disney, so how could you not like her? 

Saturday, we were doing some preparations for leaving for the Conference and Area Book and weekly planning, basically things we hadn't had a chance to do yet, but that reaaally needed to be done. 

Sunday, we had church and afterwards went home to have lunch and grab our stuff for the conference because we had a train at 2:30. We were on a train until 7 that night when we arrived in Lodi! Sorella Yonk is there so I got to spend the night at her place, it was pretty fun to see her again! She's so awesome! 

Monday, so we traveled to Milano (my mission birthplace) and we finally had the conference! It was awesome! It was really cool to see Elder Bednar and the other area authorities. He taught us a lot of amazing stuff. It was kind of a Q&A type thing, so missionaries were asking questions and he was leading a discussion, it was really cool! We also received some guide books for when we receive the iPads. It was also amazing to see everyone! I saw all the people from my old districts, a lot of people from my MTC group (like Sorella Hawks!) and Sorella Mantz. It was awesome! That night we went to Firenze (aka Florence) and as you know, we got to see the Mathewses! It was super awesome to see them! We took a quick peek at the duomo there (it was gorgeous!) and had some dinner and talked a ton! I'm super glad we got the chance to meet up!
The duomo in Firenze (Florence)

Sorella Snow and Kras at restaurant (Thanks, Susan!)

"All of the tickets we've had to buy for the last few days.  We're poor now :)"
Tuesday, we finally went home (which was nice after a couple of days away) and that night we had English course and got to see some of the ward members again.

Well, that's our week! I'm loving the people here in Livorno. They're all so open and loving and the ward is great. Sounds like you guys had an awesome week too!

Thanks for the emails! You guys all rock and I love you! 
Hope you have an absolutely fantastic week! 
Love, Kim 

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