Friday, May 15, 2015

I kinda got hit by a moped... - May 6, 2015


Hey, everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic week! Mine was pretty good!

So, last Wednesday, we had a ward FHE at 7 and it was pretty fun. We made an obstacle course out of the chairs and we had one girl try to navigate it blindfolded with all of us shouting misdirections, except for one person, who was the Holy Ghost and trying to actually lead her. It was a fun object lesson. 

Emails sent back and forth between Kim and Carrie
Kim:  "We found a random clock in the park, I tried to convince Sorella Kras to let us take it home,
 but she wasn't going for it."
Carrie:  "I love the clock!  Was it working?'
Kim:  "Actually, yeah it was.  I thought it was super pretty.  It was gone the next day :(

Thursday, we had lunch with members from the ward. That's so fun that they sent the picture to you! They are super awesome and we loved talking with them.
Some member from the Livorno ward sent this picture and a nice email to the Snow family

We had correlation with our WML (ward mission leader) also that day and then went to his house that night to teach his son the pre baptism lessons. It was really fun, they're an awesome family.

Friday, we got the chance to do some yard work for a sister in our ward who recently had a surgery. (I guess we were all gardening this week!) It was really fun and she and her sons are so sweet. We also brought them some brownies. 

Sunday, we had church, and it was a pretty crazy day. We had a lot of the less active people we're working with come, so we were really happy for that. We also had a lesson with our new convert, Azzura. She's super sweet.

Monday, we saw a referral in the morning, named Anna Rita. She's super cool. She was a simp in the past and she's super open to start meeting with us again. We have another appointment set with her and I can't wait to see how it goes! We also saw Azzura again and it was another good lesson.

Yesterday, we saw Sorella B. She's seriously super adorable, she always wants to offer us little treats and she just loves missionaries. We also had English class that night, which is fun. There are some really cool people who come to the English class. It's acutally big enough here that we have four different classes. 

Today, we had a lot of chore stuff that we had to do, so we still haven't gone anywhere super cool for p-day, but we hope next week! Also, on the way to do grocery shopping, I kinda got hit by a moped! But no worries I'm okay! It was kinda scary, but I just got right back on my bike and kept going! I remembered Dad telling me about how he got hit by a bus or something on his mission. 

Anyways, it's been a crazy week! I'm super excited to skype this Sunday! I love you all and hope you have a fabulous week! 

Love, Sorella Snow 

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