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VIENI, BROWNIES! - February 11, 2015

Ciao, Famiglia!

So, this was a pretty awesome week! But once again, super crazy! 
Last P-day, we went to the Duomo, once again, but this time we went and climbed the stairs to the top of it! It was so beautiful! Unfortunately, it wasn't a very clear day, so you can see all of Milano, but it's still pretty amazing, I took a million pictures! Also, we were there with the Muggio Sorelle, Carducci and Miller! It was good to see them again. We went down into the baptistry underneath the Duomo and also took a tour of the Duomo museum, so it was pretty intense.

We found the Hogwarts crest in the Duomo museum...

Plus, Hercules killing the lion! 
 Lots of pictures of the Duomo...

The "Pensive" shot

Sorelle Snow, Miller, Nedelkov and Carducci

Sorelle Carducci and Nedelkov looking up in awe...

Sorelle Snow & Miller sitting on the roof

 Boot shot!

Last Thursday, we had a lunch appointment with the M family and they invited two of their nonmember friends who invited us over for lunch on Saturday so we could try papas a la uankina! No idea how to spell that, but it's this Peruvian dish that everybody had been telling us was really good. We also did a little mini scambio with the Sorelle of Busto that night beacuase they were going to be in Milano for two days in a row for different meetings. It was fun! We saw Gaia and Giovanna. Oh also! It snowed A TON today. And it stuck.

Friday, we got a last minute call from the assistants that we would have to do another mini double scambio in Milano that day, because some of the sorelle coming for the meeting for stl's ans zl's that day had unexpected things come up. It's weird, but just go with it. Also, all of our appoinments fell through so we were all four of us trudging through the snow doings passbys instead. But thats okay! We had some really good experiences and it was amazing to see some other sorelle and be able to talk to people a little! 

Saturday, we had the lunch appointments with the M's friends, J and A. It was really awesome and they said they'd be interested in coming to FHE or something sometime! The only thing is they might be outside of our area so we might have to pass them. 

Sunday, we saw A F and she made us carbonara pasta. It was amazing. (We had lunch appointments 4 or 5 days in row this week) and later we saw H and her son D. They all have such beautiful testimonies and it was a pleasure to meet with them (haha, just realized I phrased that so weird because in Italian you also say It was a great pleasure when you see someone). 

Monday we saw L again! She's amazing and has so much faith. She invited her friend who doesn't speak English but has basic Italian who's from Sri Lanka, so maybe we'll try and meet with her again, but the language barrier will be a little hard! Then that night we saw the F family! They are such amazing people with beautiful testimonies.  

Tuesday, we had another lunch appointment(!) and then saw H, who's taking off for Peru next week for the next three months, so we were super happy to have a chance to see her before she left.
We also saw M. So whenever, we go over to M's she always feeds us. This time she brought plates of pasta and I could smell and see that there were little pieces of sea food in it, and I thought, Okay, no big deal, I've choked down fish before, ce la faccio! But then I saw Sorella Nedelkov's plates, and there were whole shrimps in it. I kid you not, there were antennas and legs and little faces on these disgusting little critters. So, my mind is going crazy, because I know I can't eat that, there was a whole shell for heaven's sake! But, M's about to come with us to FHE, so she wanted to go shower first. So, she's leaves the room and crazy thoughts are going through my mind. Should we just fish out the shrimp from the pasta and throw that away? Should we find some paper towels, stuff the food in them and then stuff it in our bags? Should we throw the entire plate off the balcony? Sorella Nedelkov hates sea food too, so we were at a loss, in the end rationality returned and we just told M that we were full right then and asked if we could bring it home.

Anywho, she still force fed us coca cola and then we went to FHE together. After the lesson, we ate a little (of course, we're in Italia) and M wanted to know the name of the anziano who had made brownies last week (Anz Helton). So, she asked Patricia, a member, who was the person who had made the little black cake dessert, and Patricia said, oh, you mean the brownies! And M thought his name was brownies so she just started shouting, VIENI, BROWNIES! Which means come here, brownies! We were dying of laughter. She's so funny! 

Wow, it's been a super crazy week. I love you all so much and am so thankful for your support! I love the pictures and letters! Have an amazing week! Love you! 

Love, Sorella Snow 

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