Sunday, December 7, 2014

Merry December! - December 3, 2014

Ciao, famiglia!
Wow, sounds like you had an awesome Thanksgiving! It's always super fun to see everyone and start getting into the Holiday spirit.

So, last P-day we went back to the castle in the middle of Milan, it's name is Castello Sfozesco, so, I think you were maybe right, mom! ( And Yeah, the dessert was panettone!) We went inside the museum inside the castle and it was pretty cool! Then that night we went to a birthday party (just a dinner) and it was cool! The members here are all so cool!

Sforza Castle & Museum

Sforza Castle & Museum

Sorella Carter & Sorella Snow at Sforza Castle


Friday, we ended up seeing a couple of less active people, and one of them fed us a lemon turkey dish, so I did end up having turkey kinda near Thanksgiving! At that appointment we had a super good lesson with one woman about why we have trials in life and about the comfort we can receive from God. She promised to come to church with the family we were visiting (she was over during our visit so we talked to her too) and she did end up coming, so that was super cool! Oh, also we found out that another member's triple combination is messed up. Instead of the first half of 3 Nephi, she has the middle of 2 Nephi repeated there. She's been reading it like that for years and never realized! So that was kinda funny. 

Saturday, we met a super awesome family. We had met the mom 2 weeks ago on a bus and she gave us her number and when we called we set up an appointment, but it was for 2 weeks away because that was the earliest she could and we were kinda expecting it to fall through. But it didnt'! We ended up going and she had a husband from Africa (she's Italian) and 3 daughters! They were super legit and close as a family and it was just amazing to see. The dad seemed really interested and they had actually met the missionaries like 10 years ago but said they couldn't understand them and couldn't really remember much. We have another appointment, so hopefully it'll work out! We are super excited for them! 

Most of our lessons with members lately has been about the He Is the Gift video! It's amazing and so powerful! If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it! Then share on Facebook! It's beautiful! We've seen some people be really touched by it! 

Wow, I'm sorry this and my last letter were so short! There's just so much to do! I promise I'll do better mext time! I love you guys so much! Have an amazing week! 

Love, Sorella Snow

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