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Ce la facciamo! (We can do it!) - December 17, 2014

Buongiorno tutti! (Thought I'd mix it up a little :))

So, this was a pretty hectic but fun week! Sorella Carter left to go the mission home on Thursday morning, and I had to go over to Cimiano to meet up with the two Sorelle I would be with for the first part of the week, until the next Sorella Carter could come. One of my two temporary comps was actually a verdina (greenie) so she had just arrived the day before! They were Sorella Tokarski and Sorella Burgess.

The next day at 8 in the morning, my phone actually started going off, and I went to look at it and there was an alarm that said Sorella Carter muore. I'll let y'all do that translation. So, that was pretty funny and I just laughed for a few minutes. Then, I had to do calls to try and set up appointments for the next week, which was brutal, becasue it's hard anough understanding people when I'm face to face with them. But I did it! We also had to make cookies for an activity which turned out awful and we kept on trying to change the dough after each batch we cooked to make them better and it was just kinda an epic fail. Oh well.

Then Saturday, the anziani had a baptism! It was really cool! And that night, we did an activity with the youth where they wrote their testimonies in a copy of the Book of Mormon and then we wrapped them up like Christmas presents, wore Santa hats and took the youth to the Duomo to pass them out to people. It was really cool. I think that a lot of them were really impressed by it.
Passing out copies of the Book of Mormon with some of the youth at the Duomo
Sunday, I went to another primary program! It was really cute. The kids were pretty awesome. Then that night, we got to watch the Christmas devotional from the first presidency. It was really cool, but one of the Elders, who is new also and had seen it already at the MTC, he fell asleep while we were watching. and then he twitched so badly in his sleep that he almost fell out of his chair. A member who saw it was dying laughing.

Okay, then Monday, I finally got to meet my new comp! Her name is Sorella Carter also. She loves Harry Potter and Once Upon a Time and Percy Jackson, so I think we'll get along. But seriously, she's awesome and I'm super excited to be working with her for this next transfer! She was in Lampugnano for 1 tranfer way back at the start of her mission, so it's kinda cool that she gets to come back for a little. She just came from Tireste. 

Tuesday, we had FHE with the ward and it was super fun! All of the members get a huge kick out of the fact that her name is Carter also and they all think that the two Carters are related.
Musical chairs at FHE
Wednesday, we went to the Duomo to meet up with some other Sorelle and we checked out the Disney store (it's so cool!) and got arancino, a Sicilian food and some panzerotti and gelatto. Wow. I love the food here! It was a pretty fun day! 

Okay, questions. Having to be the expert on the area is kinda scary, but we're doing okay! I know the mezzi pretty well, it's just figuring out the buses. But, ce la facciamo! (We can do it!)  I'm super excited to talk to you all next week! I love you and hope you are enjoying the Christmas spirit! 

Love, Sorella Snow

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