Friday, November 28, 2014

Dessert Mishap - November 26, 2014

Ciao, Famiglia! 

Ahh! I hope you all had an awesome week! It sure sounds like it!

Okay, questions. It rained the first two P-days and there's been a few weeks were it came down like crazy, the coat is great, the boots aren't quite as waterproof as we were hoping. That's okay, though, I'm doing great! I don't think we really celebrate Thanksgiving, but we've had some lessons on gratitude in honor of it! The number of investigators coming to church really fluctuates, last week we had a family of three, the week before 1 person and other weeks none or 1. But it was amazing to have a whole family this past Sunday!

So, we had the Fingerle conference this Thursday and it was really cool. Elder Fingerle and his wife were awesome. He said that iPads will soon be used in all of Western Europe, but he has no idea if Italy is a part of Western or Southern Europe! Oh, well, he gave us great ideas for getting members to use social media instead of us! He had this awesome presentation about increasing our efforts by 1% in everything to have an overall huge increase. It was really cool and we're trying to put it into practice. Plus, he's getting us really excited for geneology work. Did you know you can add pictures and recordings and documents to family search? So cool! One funny thing, he asked if any one did ballet dancing, but because of his accent we thought he said belly dancing and we were all just sitting there with mouths open in shock until his wife clarified. Oh, and Pres Dibb had us reenact the battle at Jericho, so we had elders running around a "wall" of sisters, it was pretty funny and bizarre. Also, that day, we met with S, who was the guy we met on a subway and then he texted us the next day. He was really cool and legit, he said he's going to go to church in Busto and meet the anziani there, we really hope he does!

I had another mini scambio with Sorella Hawks and it was awesome to see her again! I didn't even get us lost! Then Saturday we cleaned the church and while we were cleaning a police officer came up to the gate and asked to be let in becuase a suspect had thrown evidnece or something over the gate onto church property, so that was exciting!

Sunday we had dinner with a member family who were super awesome (the mom is Sicilian) and the wife taught us how to make tiramisu. They always give us this coffee substitue here, so I may come home with a coffee addiction, who knows. Then that night, we met with another member family who had brought us some focaccia from Genova, which is apparently the best, and it was amazing!

Monday we had district meeting and an FHE with a member and her daughter. The daughter, G, was super brava, she had picked out hyms and marked them in their hymbooks and had prepared a talk to read for the lesson, she was awesome! We brought dessert, a ponnet(sp?) cake that was super good, but then the next night, and the ward FHE, the member came up to us and showed us the ingredients, and there was some alcohol in the cake!! Oh my gosh, we were dying, we were so embarrassed! We, the missionaries, brought an alcoholic dessert to a member's home! AHH! Oh, well, we learned our lesson and it'll hopefully never happen again.

So, that's my week! Sorry, the letter's a little shorter than usual! I hope you all have an awesome week! I love you! 

Love, Sorella Snow

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